Homemade Eggless Pavs

I have been thinking about making bread for a few days now and came across this eggless recipe for bread which sounds and looks pretty good…So after an hour of making Jalapenos, it is now onto some bread rolls 🙂

A pickle update for you..the pickled cucumbers on the above link are awesome the best I have tasted so crisp and the Thai cabbage as always just yum….The Jalapenos as always the best..and sometimes just hot, hot and hotter…

Masalachilli - A Complete Vegetarian Food Experience!

I am an eternal bread lover. Yes I’m aware that most South Indians usually don’t consume bread a lot. I mean my mom always used bread to make upma or maybe a toast on rare occasions so learning to bake or appreciate breads was totally out of question.

I fell in love with breads somewhere in my early 20’s when I started working & tried some fancy breads like garlic loaves, bread sticks, focaccia in a cafe. That’s the time I also started experimenting with cooking at home. I always wanted to bake breads at home but somehow due to busy professional commitments, didn’t really work towards it.

So yes, my bread love goes way back & the love is only going stronger day by day!

So coming back to year 2017. One of my New Year resolutions was to learn bread baking which I did & then I was…

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