7 Steps to a User-Friendly Blog

A great post from Diane, with some good, easy to follow tips which make our blogs better and easier to access…I am just away now to check that I have a translate button….

Myths of the Mirror

This isn’t a new topic, but it seems worth a mention every now and then within the WordPress blog community. I love connecting with other bloggers and occasionally a website makes that hard if not impossible to do. Here are a few tips. 🙂

Definitely take a look at these if:

  • You are leaving likes and comments on other blogs and not getting return visits.
  • Everyone likes your old posts and seems to ignore your recent posts.
  • You’ve changed your blog address at any time (WP may still be directing your readers to the old deleted site!)

1. Make sure your links to your site are working. Unfortunately, this isn’t handled in just one place:

  • In your blog profile: Go to WP Admin – Users – My Profile. At the bottom of the page, make sure your website address is correct.
  • In your gravatar: Go to WP Admin – Users…

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12 thoughts on “7 Steps to a User-Friendly Blog

  1. marianbeaman

    Thumbs up on this post and all the comments above. Blogging is not for the faint-hearted, but it is a healthy way to connect with other writers online and keep the enthusiasm going. Getting comments from the other side of the screen is reassuring as I’m sure you understand, Carol.

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  2. Sheryl

    The tips are excellent. I feel frustrated (or maybe sad would be a better word) when someone comments on my blog, and I try to find their blog but can’t because their links aren’t working correctly.

    Liked by 2 people


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