Home Style Cream Cheese

Wow, this is so easy and I cannot always get cream cheeses here unless I go into town so this recipe is ideal for me and no nasties which make it even better…Thank you, Reena, for sharing this recipe

Cook With Reena!

In India Cream Cheese is not available in all local markets.  This has less  shelf life. So after buying it has to be consumed fast.  This ingredient is mostly required in European cuisine. In my family it is required frequently. So thought of giving a trial a home made version of Cream Cheese recipe.

Believe me, this is super easy and super hit recipe. Prepare it as you require it, consume it fresh and that’s it.

Yields 50 gm cream cheese


  1. Premium Full fat milk- ½ ltr
  2. Lemon juice – 1 tblspn

Tools required:

  1. Blender or small grinder
  2. Muslin cloth and a strainer
  3. Glass jar for storing


Heat the milk. When it reaches almost boiling point, simmer the gas flame. Pour the lemon juice and keep stirring. The milk will curdle and green liquid will be seen and the curdled milk will float over the green liquid. If …

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