Why I love Thailand…

Thailand …..The Land of Smiles 🙂 and temples… and so much more…

Golden budha in the forest


Many years ago when we first visited Thailand it stole a corner of my heart and although it is a country of many contradictions to me it is home.

Why? I don’t know…I have family in many different countries and have loved my visits..have I wanted to put down roots there ?…No!

Thailand just does it for me…

Whether its beautiful unspoiled beaches and there are many.

beach and chairs nice pic


Sunsets which are so amazing, diving, rock climbing or just living among the people.

Sunset (2)

Where we have experienced the real Thailand, the amazing food..which we have tasted which is not cooked purely for the tourists.

For my dear friend Annie I have amended this post..how I could forget our favourite Thai curry…I don’t know..but I did…One of my all time favorite Northern Thai Curries is Khao Soi. I was introduced to it by my dear friend Annie and we would do our research once a month to find the best Khao Soi and have a bit of a girlie chat and maybe a vino or two….as you do!

Khao Soi is a beautiful yellow curry with chicken( Gai) or pork(Moo) with soft yellow noodles and topped with crispy noodles.

Khao Soi

Served with a side of pickled cabbage, lime, shallots and if it isn’t hot enough then some lovely hot, fried chilli mix.

The beautiful countryside and it really is the land of smiles.

We have stayed in villages where the children by our standards have nothing by comparison but they are happy, they have carefree childhoods bought up with love.

Thai boys in tree

Yes there is the seedy side…but so is there in all countries.

Bangkok…..I love it..so vibrant and alive….I have wandered down at midnight to get something to eat at one of the street stalls…do I feel unsafe…never ever. I am given a seat to sit on while I wait..hastily they rub the seat over with a not so clean cloth…do I care…No! They treat madam as they call me like a special visitor and when I say Thai hot …the smile I get and they tell everyone who will listen….”Oh Madam she eat spicy”

What they prepare and cook the food in is spotless..the vegetables so fresh…the food amazing…

China Town and the markets….. I love Bangers as I call it but only for a few days and then I am back to the peace and calm which is home.


Pageantry the Thais love it..every procession is so joyous…..The Vegetarian Festival…..Songkram… Loy Krathong…


..if you love being part of festivals make sure you come at the right time ..you will not be disappointed.

Aston Songcram my favorite photo

The noise, the street food and partying is amazing and to be part of it so special.

Have you visited Thailand…If not ..you will not be disappointed…

I hope you enjoyed this post and you can see why I love this country…Over the next few months, I will be taking you to some of the beautiful places I have visited, places which are off the beaten track…The real Thailand and the one I love.

Until next time stay safe, have fun and laugh a lot and if you fancy a boogie then pop over to Sally’s  from Smorgasbord Health 2017 …I will be there as will many others ..lots of fun and frolics….. See you there….

54 thoughts on “Why I love Thailand…

  1. Thelma Alberts

    I have been to Thailand but only in Bangkok airport. However, I am working with Thais here in Germany and have tasted their food as they always bring Thai meals at work. Thanks for sharing about Thailand and how you love .

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  3. Zac

    A beautiful post. We’re just about to leave Thailand today after being here a month. We’ve loved the north, the islands and Bangkok. Definitely sad to leave. How long do you plan on staying in Thailand? Does living here present challenges also? 🇹🇭


    1. Carol Post author

      Sorry Zac…I just found you in my spam folder..By now you will have left Thailand. I have lived here 7 years now and have no plans to leave at the moment.Challenges ..If I was working age then yes as you are restricted as to what you do ..You cannot take a job a Thai would do and they are very strict on that but if you had your own business then it would be slightly different but you would have to employ Thai staff.For me ..I work on-line and write… so not a problem for me.
      I love it here and eat mainly Thai food, I speak some Thai….I am happy here..but I live in a rural area. I lived in Phuket for a few years and that is vastly different it has a larger ex-pat community which is ok…but I prefer the Thai way of life and am happier here…I pop on a plane to Bangers now and again which I love for a few days or back to Phuket but pleased to get back home. Life here is what you make of it but that is the same anywhere i believe…

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  4. benleander

    I loved Thailand as well but Bangkok is way to dirty for me to ‘love’ it. And I don’t have a problem with other ‘dirty’ cities like NY.


      1. benleander

        True but when I was there it was just too much for me. Particularly the slums right next to very fancy buildings. That was a little much for me. But after a while I likes it more.

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      2. blondieaka Post author

        Unfortunately, it is a fact of life in many countries and rather than maintain a property people move on…That was probably my initial reaction and I have learnt to live with that…I can’t change it but I can be kind and give a smile or small donation for a picture is what I do as the people are proud and I don’t want to cause embarrassment to someone. But I do understand what you say and it shows you have a good heart.

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      3. benleander

        I hoped you wouldn’t say that I’m ignorant. Because I’m really saddened to see situations like these with literally nothing I can do (other than spending lots of money in these countries/street stores owned by the people). So thank you 🙂
        When I came back to Bangkok after travelling through Vietnam I liked it a lot more. It was my first city in Asia and that’s why it was a little overwhelming I guess. However, I wouldn’t wanna live there.

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      4. blondieaka Post author

        I wouldn’t want to live there either Ben …I just love it for a few days..I love China Town…Yes I have heard Vietnam is lovely as well (on my list) so many places I want to see but I do think people are generally happier here than many other countries but I love it here in rural Thailand better than I did when I lived in Phuket…

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      5. benleander

        Bangkok’s Chinatown was too much for me. I loved the temples, the riverside and all the shopping/party streets. Vietnam was really great too! I wouldn’t be so sure if the people there are generally happier. To me, it often feels as if they just don’t share their (negative) emotions as openly. If you’re interested in Vietnam, I have a travel report of it online now, second part coming next week 🙂

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      6. blondieaka Post author

        Each to there own Ben..I stay at the Shanghai Mansion it is a lovely quirky hotel and 2 days is enough for me and then I go home to the peace and quiet..No they don’t openly share their feelings but then neither do I ..I will certainly read it

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      I was born in the Uk also but love it more here… I miss places and holidays are fine but to live ..I love being warm and love the laid back life here 🙂 I don’t miss the crowded roads or thr M25 car park…lol


    1. blondieaka Post author

      It is Judy and my husband has always said that you can’t live the same as you do in your own country you have to learn the customs and fit in… basically…it isn’t little London it is Thailand….and we are the guests 🙂

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      1. blondieaka Post author

        I’ll tell him someone agrees with him..he will be shocked…No, it is correct and it is also a learning curve and I love to learn even now you never stop learning do you…I love it! I think my kids think I am bonkers sometimes when I tell guess what I learnt today…ha ha

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      2. Judy E Martin

        I like to keep my mind active and love learning new things. It makes life so much richer and more fulfilling too! I don’t think you are bonkers….well at least not for wanting to learn new things!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. blondieaka Post author

      I know I did….shall I go and amend it? Yes I think I will I miss our Khao soi lunches and miss you as well…I am so sad I cannot attend your retreat..geographically it is not viable for a short time..such a shame we will have to FT or skype very soon xxx


  5. cookwithreena

    Nice. I was there on short visit to pattaya and Bangkok. I loved the fresh fruits and vegetables, amazingly sweet green coconut water, dragon fruit, the sweet tamarind, rambut and many more. Amazing street food. Best part was watching Zebra, I can never forget feeding Giraffes. Everything so good but not sure about the people. May be my visit was too short to understand……

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  6. Smorgasbord - Variety is the Spice of Life.

    Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Carol Taylor is not only busy preparing recipes for our collaboration of Cook from Scratch, but she also has an amazing blog you need to visit. Carol lives in Thailand and in her posts she takes us behind the tourist hype to find the real people, food and peaceful scenery and beaches. Please head over and enjoy.. by the way this week we look at the benefits of honey with some recipes that will make your mouth water. #recommended

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you, Sally, for the glowing testimony…I will be back to party later I just have to walk up the market to get some mushrooms as my grandson has requested chicken carbonara with bacon and mushrooms 🙂

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