Posts from Your Archives – Properly trained, man can be a dog’s best friend! by Carol Taylor

Another of my archived pots which Sally is sharing for me ….So many dogs and so many unwanted, scared dogs..Soi Dogs is a wonderful organisation and wherever you live in the world they can get a dog to you who will be your forever friend…Thank you Sally for sharing this post 🙂

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I recently invited you to share some of your posts from your archives. It is a way of giving your earlier or favourite posts a chance to be read by a different audience. Mine. Details of how you can participate is at the end of the post.

Today one of the regular posts from Carol Taylor’s archives and I am delighted that Carol will be in the Monday spot until Christmas.

Properly trained, man can be a dog’s best friend! by Carol Taylor

Anyone who has been or lived in Thailand knows that they have a huge stray dog population. I also have many friends who have ” adopted ” stray’s/street dogs and generally it is in the plural.

Come on who can resist a sad face particularly when it’s a cute puppy or a dog who looks as if he just needs a cuddle, a clean bed and nice…

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