Smorgasbord Health 2017 – Winterising the Body – Immune system boosting eating and recovery plan.

Winter is coming and so will the colds and flu be doing the rounds so prepare yourself no one likes feeling ill and under the weather especially me…I very neatly sidestepped a cold just over a week grandson had a really sore throat then the cold and cough and it lasted for a good week.I had the really sore throat so immediately started taking honey and gargling with coconut oil…oth of which I personally swear by and I had a slightly runny nose for a cough and no mucus so 2 days and all gone..Maybe I was lucky but I eat healthily most of the time..nobody is perfect and exercise regularly and my cold was a non- starter …Sally’s post has some good advice which may prove to be very useful if you succumb to the colds and viruses that can get us all…An excellent post.

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Smorgasbord Health 2017

As we head into October there is the likelihood that you will bump into someone who is desperate to pass on their cold or flu to you.  Whilst you may take every care and have a healthy diet, if you are stressed, overworked, or been on a plane recently!  You might be a perfect host for the odd virus or two.

In the last post I looked at Influenza in more detail as it can move through a family or community rapidly with some serious health concerns for both the very young and old.

The key to preventing upper respiratory infections such as colds and flu developing into the more serious bronchial conditions is to make sure that your immune system is fully functional.

Catching it early

If you are suffering the early signs of an infection, you should understand that it is a secondary condition. The primary condition that…

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