What makes Jaipur one of the best place to celebrate Diwali in India?

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Have you ever wondered which are the best places to celebrate Diwali in India? If you are traveling in India during Diwali May I suggest Jaipur? Jaipur Diwali is considered as the best Diwali celebration in India.

fire-cracker-in-jaipur-sky-best-diwali-celebration-in-india Fireworks in the Jaipur sky during Diwali Celebrations.

Read this post in continuation of Will Diwali shine on people this year?

Jaipur is one of the few places in India where Diwali is celebrated with enthusiasm & zeal. Among all festivals celebrated in Jaipur, perhaps Diwali is the only festival which transforms the city into a glitzy avatar. Fancy lighting can be  seen everywhere –  houses, markets and commercial building, monuments….. people thronging markets hunting for gifts and deals…there is a festive spirit all around!

best-diwali-celebration-places-jaipur-ganpati-plaza-mi-road-jaipurthrumylens Lighting at one of the commercial markets in Jaipur during Diwali. Diwali in Jaipur

Diwali marks the start of the festive season. As soon as Diwali…

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10 thoughts on “What makes Jaipur one of the best place to celebrate Diwali in India?

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  2. cookwithreena

    Very good post. However, Diwali is the biggest festival in India and not only in Jaipur, it is celebrated in much pomp and show in whole of India. Whole of India, houses, market places specially in Eastern, western and Northern Regions are lighted for a long week. Thanks for sharing the post.

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  3. arv!

    Thank you for re-blogging my post. I’m sure readers of your blog will enjoy pictures and details of Diwali festival of India. Diwali is quite similar to Christmas in Europe and Americas. It is festival of light and marks the start of wedding season in India.

    Thanks once again!

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