Down on the farm….

My turkey babies are not babies anymore….


He is just such a handsome boy, isn’t he? They love just love wandering about the farm and eating the greens and picking bits here and there….They are a joy to keep and have really lovely natures…..One got attacked by a dog a while ago but let himself be picked up and his leg cleaned so placidly he is lovely….The dog..banished we cannot have an animal which attacks the other animals…The turkey he is alive and well after his little skirmish and none the worse for wear thank goodness. Our chook who thinks he is a turkey is still living with the turkeys he doesn’t want to be with the chooks…

He even speaks like a turkey now…

The banana trees are bearing fruit how is this for a bunch of bananas…..

It is a shame they all ripen at once so if anyone has some nice green banana recipes please let me know…I have shared with the neighbours..even the tuk-tuk driver but know we will be having lots of smoothies and banana bread and chutney and Banana splits have been mentioned…lol


Watermelons are now to be found in abundance and if you need any recipes then Carol and Sally have a treat for you Health Benefits and recipes just in case you missed it!

Today I am busy pickling some more Watermelon Rinds which are a lovely thing…Try them you will be so pleased you did…

Harvesting the rice.

Rice feilds down farm

The early rice is now being harvested and I tell you such hard work and for 200B ( 6 US) DOLLARS a day such long hours  8-5 and back-breaking work.

The main rice harvest is not until November but some people plant a bit earlier and can also harvest it cheaper as in November as it is busy the rate goes up to 300 baht a day…. still a pittance for the work as if the farmers have not weeded the rice regularly then it is harder to harvest…Our rice is always weeded regularly which makes the harvest a little easier…

That’s all for Down on the farm for today I hope you enjoyed the updates and below are links to previous down on the farm posts in case you missed them.


Thank you for reading and if you loved anything you read please share as sharing is caring…xx





33 thoughts on “Down on the farm….

  1. marisselee

    This was what I was looking for coz I saw it in my FB newsfeed the other day but not have enough time to read it. Turkeys, bananas, watermelons…plus of course the baked goodies. Uhm, do you need a worker, Carol? Hahaha! Tweeted.

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  2. jjspina

    Lovely post, Carol! We have lots of turkeys that wander into our yard. They feed on the bird seed that we feed the other birds. Wow, those watermelons are beautiful and the bananas look delicious! Thank you for sharing your fantastic place! Hugs 😘 🤗

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  3. Martha DeMeo

    WOW, I’d love to have a banana tree and the watermelons look delicious. What beautiful turkeys, we just returned from a trip where the National forest was loaded with wild turkeys! Beautiful site!

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you so much, Martha, I am so pleased you loved this…Yes we do have lots of fruits and veg in abundance but it’s a tropical climate but I do miss some of the veggies which need colder climes to grow in 🙂


  4. paulandruss

    Carol What a fantastic Post. It really left me filled with longing. What a beautiful place you live in and your contentment there shines through. Wonderful!


  5. Doctor Jonathan

    It’s amazing how the simple things in life can add such joy and quality. In my opinion, these are the joys that fill in the “missing pieces” that so many people don’t realize exist. Thank you once again for placing a smile on my face as I look at your pictures of simple pleasures.

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you I am pleased my post raised a smile but we do live a simple life and are happy…I also love a few days in Bangers( Bangkok) every now and again and then it is back to my simple life…. Thank you Dr J 🙂 You have also made me smile 🙂 to think I have bought joy through my posts 🙂

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  6. cookwithreena

    Too gud. We in India have lovely recipes of raw and ripe bananas. Most common is Koftas with dry fruit filling and fritters with over ripe bananas. Had cooked koftas few days back, shall share the same.

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