Raw Green Banana Kofta curry- Its healthy…Its delicious….

A lovely recipe for green Bananas of which I have plenty from my blogging friend Reena…Thank you, Reena ….I love both Thai and Indian food and there is not much to choose between them for me I love them both 🙂

Cook With Reena!


This post is specially for one of my fellow blogger whose garden is overflowing with bananas. Blodieaka( I know your blog name only), it for you. There are so many delicious dishes we prepare with green bananas. It has numerous health benefits. It is good source of fiber, vitamins high on Iron, help control blood sugar too. So make as many dishes as possible and enjoy the fruit.

Green  bananas are also eaten boiled just like mash potatoes. We mash it with salt, oil and green chili. This is popular as village food. To make it exotic, coconut scrape and mustard paste is also added. Banana chips are as popular as potato chips. It is cooked, as curry, dry with variety of spices.

Here, I am sharing the recipe for green banana kofta curry. I have added cottage cheese to make it more flavourfull but the koftas made out of…

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11 thoughts on “Raw Green Banana Kofta curry- Its healthy…Its delicious….

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  3. Doctor Jonathan

    As I went through the ingredients and cooking process I began to realize how “foreign” this dish was to me. So many ingredients I’d never heard of. Introduction of cultural cooking would probably be a tremendous benefit to overall health. It would provide an enormous variety of tastes and flavors using REAL FOOD substituting for the nutrient lacking processed foods Americans base their choices on.

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      I agree, Dr J..I think I may do a post and break one such dish down and offer advice on where spices can be bought and substitutes if you cannot obtain easily as some I have to do that if I cannot purchase locally …This dish she posted for me as I had a glut of green bananas and asked if she had any recipes 🙂



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