Sally’s Baking Addiction, October Challenge, Pumpkin Roll Cake

This is so awesome..what patience this lady has…I just love this



This month Sally challenged us to make a pumpkin roll cake. We had a roll cake challenge back in May. At that time I talked about how my roll cakes always crack and I have to cover it up with icing or flowers or some type of decoration.


This time I thought I would really challenge myself and put a pattern in my pumpkin sponge cake. I saw this, for the first time, on The Great British Baking Show. Since this was a pumpkin sponge I wanted a pumpkin patch pattern but couldn’t find anything I liked or could put on the cake, so I made my own template using stickers from a craft store. Sally recommends a 10 inch x 15 inch jelly roll pan, so I made my template that size. I cut a paper to the same size and measured to find the exact center. I knew…

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7 thoughts on “Sally’s Baking Addiction, October Challenge, Pumpkin Roll Cake

  1. dtills

    HI Carol, thank you, so much, for reblogging my post! I had a lot of fun creating this cake and if anyone is interested in Sally’s baking addiction challenges then I should mention that she does not expect us to make anything so complicated. I just wanted to do a little extra with this one. If you think you might want to bake along with Sally then please check out her site I have all of her challenges on my blog so far, I hope to keep going, especially though the holidays. Take care and thanks again 🙂

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    1. Carol Post author

      You are welcome and you have had such amazing comments it certainly was a work of art you must have so much patience. I will certainly pop over to Sally’s and have a look…Thank you 🙂

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