Parenting and Food: It’s OK if Your Kids Aren’t Eating the Perfect Diet Everyday

A great post and my sentiments exactly…We should enjoy our food ….and if we eat a Macedo’s occasionally…So What! ..Enjoy this post and Eat happy!

24 Carrot Diet

Every parent wants to do what’s best for the kids. Whether that be feeding them healthy foods or setting the right example by eating well ourselves, it can be tough to keep to our own standards all the time. And don’t even get me talking about expert recommendations or trying to keep up with the supermom down the block who grows her own vegetables, raises her own chickens and bees, grinds her own ancient grains, and bakes healthy Paleo breakfast treats for her kids while running between hot yoga and spin class, and still never has a single hair out of place!

We need to be kind with ourselves. Not only that, but we need to understand that it isn’t reasonable to expect perfection from ourselves. We wouldn’t put that on anyone else, so why do we always think we need to be perfect? Same goes for our parenting, and…

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6 thoughts on “Parenting and Food: It’s OK if Your Kids Aren’t Eating the Perfect Diet Everyday

    1. Carol Post author

      Yes, I think so I like her thinking and that’s why I reblogged it have to have balance or it won’t work especially with children and no point in being fanatical is there? 🙂

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