Quote, Challenge Day Two….Age …Doc A, Lisasworld and a girl who would be a Pixie.


Age and glasses of wine should never be counted!

Anthony Capella …The food of love…

My quote for Day 2….Many thanks for Sally for nominating me for this challenge….

Sally’s quote for Day One.


It is a challenge because there are so many quotes which I love….Some funny, some with meaning and quite profound, some just…some???

I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food….WC Fields….. Many of my favourite quotes are around my favourite pastimes and as you know eating ( and) cooking are just two of them….lol

It is also customary to nominate three other bloggers to pick up the challenge.. knowing how busy you are I will not be offended if you cannot participate but it is an excuse to give your latest post a plug anyway.

So many people who I admire greatly have already been nominated or are always nominated and worthy nominees….You may not know who I nominate but I do so because I admire them. I love their food/recipes, they make me laugh or they are just so brave …..

My first is a lady whom I have the utmost admiration for and if you read her posts you will see why….She has an inner strength and is definitely one hell of a lady and ….just awesome…

I give you Lisa… who in her own words is just a women living with ALS…



Secondly, I nominate Scott affectionately known as Doc he is one of my biggest fans loves my posts and cooking and gives some of the best comments…. But he knows stuff…Things I don’t…Well…Come on…I cook!….Not techie( shhhh) ..well I am NOT!

So come on Doc..give me your favourite quote…Surprise me!


Last but certainly not least….Ta da… Marisselee who feels that in every girl, there is a spirit a wild pixie….


Well, that is my three nominees for today….. Please head over and read their posts they are such lovely people…



I love this photo it gives me a sense of peace and tranquillity…

Until next time..much love and hugs xx

27 thoughts on “Quote, Challenge Day Two….Age …Doc A, Lisasworld and a girl who would be a Pixie.

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  5. lisasalsworld

    Carol! Thank you so much for your kind words! I accept the challenge, though I’m not sure how, and will scoure my mind for a quote…not really – I’m full of useless knowledge! lol
    You know useful quotes! I think that the wine quote may have been mine…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Carol Post author

        Always rules…lol…Just publish you favourite quotes and if you feel like embelling that like Moi…because I can and I often veer on the side of just being funny some may say or stupid but I can and I do and I don’t give a fig… So just favorite quote my dear and a bit of spiel and 3 people… xx

        Liked by 1 person

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  8. marisselee

    Shared via FB and Twitter…thanks for the mention Carol! Really appreciate it. And happy to see a different side of you although it does not come as a surprise really the way you always write your posts. Bubbly and informative…the Carol signature.

    Liked by 1 person


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