Quote Challenge – Day 2 And An Apology

We could all learn a lot from this lady..She never, ever ceases to amaze me and that takes a lot….So if you are feeling life isn’t treating you well…Then take a peak inside Lisa’a World…Your life will then not suck quite so much…..There is a lesson here and we should all be thankful for small mercies….The one fault Lisa has and it is a big one… she is loathe to share her ice cream with me….Much love and hugs to you Lisa xxx

Lisa's " I have too much time on my hands" Site

I would like to start this post off with an apology. I have been absent from my blog for a couple of weeks and it may take a little time for me to be back full-time. First, I wasn’t feeling well because my feeding tube, which was surgically implanted just above my bellybutton through my skin and down through to my stomach, it HURT SOOOOOOO MUCH because it got infected and I have been on antibiotics since. Then, secondly, I had an appointment to have my feeding tube taken out – OUCHY – and replaced with a new one. Yay! And thirdly, my computer – my very expensive special computer that costs A LOT of money – has decided that it hates the WordPress website. This is the problem that will be the reason that my posts will be sporadic until the new computer gets here OR I figure out…

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