Christmas Recipes: Homemade Stuffing

Christmas Turkey or Christmas dinner would not be the same without stuffing now would it…Here are some of my festive stuffings for you…I hope you enjoy and my thanks go to Esme for having me over to guest post on her wonderful blog…Please pop over and have a look there are some lovely recipes from around the world and all tried and tested πŸ™‚


Wow..where does the time go??? We think we have lots of time and then that clock just whizzes around and before we know it…Christmas is upon us…

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11 thoughts on “Christmas Recipes: Homemade Stuffing

      1. Carol Post author

        haha I love the skin but I pass on it…my good deed..however, I have a nice bag of skin in the freezer which I am going to crisp up and crumble over the sticky rice.yummy my one time only treat which I will savour πŸ™‚


  1. cookandenjoyrecipes

    Thank you my dear dear friend Carol, for sharing all these yummy stuffing recipes on TRH! If any of your readers wish to share a Guest Post, (any niche) please connect with me as I am always on the “HUNT” for new Guest Bloggers.


  2. marianbeaman

    No Christmas turkey for us though your yummy-looking roast looks tempting. We always host a Christmas brunch with our children with eggs and bacon, and then they’re off to their spouse’s homes. Merry Christmas, Carol!

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    1. Carol Post author

      Thank you, Marian…What you do sounds lovely and it is what works for your family isn’t it??? That’s what Christmas is all about… ❀



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