Down on the Farm and deep into the Jungle…Man Saeng

Just after I co-wrote my post with Sally on “The Potato” I was sent this one called Man Saeng it is only found in the jungle and not sold commercially…..If someone has been foraging in the jungle you may find a few being sold very locally on a market.


Man Saeng is not only native to Thailand but neighbouring Burma, Cambodia and Laos.

Here in the North they are often found growing by the river and the vines often attach themselves to a tree and then what I call the runners have the tubers which are light brownish and slightly hairy.

It can be added to soup or fried like the fried bananas in a batter or breadcrumbed and my son who had them boiled for his supper last night said that they tasted a little like our new potatoes and he really liked them. They can also be steamed or ground into a flour to make desserts.

They are quite fibrous and if overcooked have a sticky texture… somewhat glutinous.



This video shows them being harvested from the jungle and also where a few are being grown for the farmer’s own consumption.

This week we also harvested a few nuts which are now ready to nutcrackers do not work as in cracking son’s partners uses a knife..mmmm…I think I will leave that to her or I  will end up minus some digits..That’s for sure…


They taste a little like a cross between a brazil nut and a macadamia again I will shell them all and use them in my cooking..well I won’ shell is impervious to my nutcrackers…

We now have lots of turkey eggs at the last count it was approx 30 being incubated but that is probably higher now as I haven’t had an update for a few days…

Turkey eggs

Exciting I can’t wait to get TURKEY BABIES…

Our big boy turkey

My big boy isn’t he handsome????

We have now had a taste of our first Turkey egg …I scrambled one and of course I was the guinea pig it was lovely, creamier than scrambled eggs made with chickens eggs and not strong flavoured like ducks eggs so I think I will be cooking with the others I have.. just to see if they make a noticeable difference to a recipe.

But that is for another post…

Jamie on his return from the farm also bought me some Sticky rice and banana parcels made by Tik’s mum…he couldn’t get a smile out of her still…But he took some photos for my blog..isn’t he a good boy?



Everything is ready to make these lovely sticky rice and banana parcels

Bananas cut into halves, uncooked sticky rice ( khao niao), sugar pot, banana leaves cut into rectangles and bamboo strips to tie the parcels. These are then cooked in hot water for 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

The halved bananas are rolled in the sticky rice..which is uncooked with a little sugar added.

They are then wrapped in the banana leaves and made into a neat little parcel tied together with the bamboo.

The parcels are then stood upright in a pot of hot water and covered with some bamboo and cooked for 2 to 2/12 hours until the rice is cooked.

sticky rice and banana

When ready you have these lovely parcels of sticky rice with a banana they are very tasty and can also be found on all the markets although it is wise to ask what is in the bamboo as it is not always bananas and rice…

Quite a lot this week with Turkey eggs, nuts, potatoes and banana parcels I wonder what next week will bring…Something new is always coming up and surprises me…

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Until next time…have fun and if it is snowing where you live take care…


11 thoughts on “Down on the Farm and deep into the Jungle…Man Saeng

  1. marisselee

    Well, yes I agree it is not Taro or its cousin Kalo…must be a cousin though hahaha or maybe a yam. There are root-crops that I know the name by dialect but not in Filipino language and it is hard to google its English equivalent when I cannot translate the dialect hahaha. It must be a wild yam or a wild taro cousin judging from the plant lol


  2. paulandruss

    WOW Carol, this was a great post, half the time I felt I was there with you and the other half I wanted To be there with you. What a ‘Good Life’ complete with Hairy Potatoes!


  3. Doctor Jonathan

    Hairy potatoes, sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves and bamboo strips, harvesting of nuts…please, this is just another typical day here in North Carolina 😀

    Always enjoy seeing different cultural approaches to life. That big turkey looks very majestic. So nice to see you enjoying life as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carol Post author

      Thank you ,Dr J just a little insight into part of my world…a world I actually love although I don’t stay there for too many days at a time as the sleeping arrangements are the floor ..2 days is enough for me..but once the house is finished and there will be proper beds my visits will almost certainly be longer..It gives me fodder for my writing…I hope you are well and looking forward to Christmas….

      Liked by 1 person


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