All I want for christmas is??????

Updated from last year but much of what I believe in is still the same…Merry Christmas x

Retired? No one told me!


Look at those happy smiles…Happy to have a tree to climb, a pond to fish in…and if they had a bike well…Instead they ride the tuk-tuk bike with my grandson riding the bike and all of them in the side car…would that allowed anywhere else???? probably not….we say don’t drive too fast…he comes standing on end so we know the foot was floored…ha ha…but it’s country roads/ tracks, not a lot of traffic..a few cows meandering along and they have fun….christmas to them is some small token…


Christmas is not fully celebrated here unlike New Year. It is only the more westernised Thai’s and obviously those of us who live here from other parts of the world.

Christmas is much lower key and not commercialised like in western countries. The children if asked would think awhile and ask for one thing.

I asked a little lad the other week (…

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9 thoughts on “All I want for christmas is??????

  1. pumpkinspicedmom

    I actually envy my children’s happiness will never be that simple. My Oma tells me about her small town in Germany no one owned a car they bused the 40 minutes to Frankfurt, if they absolutely needed to. Their life was in that small town. They wanted for simple things. We are exposed to so much that we constantly feel in need instead of content with what we have. Love this post. Such a great reminder!

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