Smorgasbord Health 2018 – The Dynamics of Change – Part One – Our Physical Being.

Some great advice from Sally here and some I should definitely follow…

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Before we get into the new health series for 2018 the I will be re-posting the series on the Dynamics of Change. Each year sees minor shifts in the way we are physically but there is also can be changes in our mental and emotional perspective.  In the next few posts I will be exploring those changes.

When we are younger and the world is our oyster we tend to feel that anything is possible. We have dreams and ambitions and with support and some luck we are often able to achieve at least some of them. However life has a way of intruding into our well laid plans and you find that some of those dreams have fallen by the wayside as we fulfill our role in our families and society.

When there is a problem with our computers which are also, like us, complicated, programmed and prone to…

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4 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Health 2018 – The Dynamics of Change – Part One – Our Physical Being.

  1. Doctor Jonathan

    Once again, a great message to share with all your readers. I wonder if people took a minute to process this information if change would be more likely to occur. I think most people simply relate to the info. and then continue to follow the same path they’ve been traveling. Seems that the one commodity we can’t afford to waste (TIME) is the one commodity we choose to ignore.

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    1. Carol Post author

      I think you are correct…It certanly seems to be creeping up on me somewhat …I need to shake of the excesses of Christmas quickly 🙂



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