A birthday cake and a book cover

Wow…Such patience you have Robbie and what a beautiful outcome…It is an awesome cave cake and that sugar work….

Robbie's inspiration

Today we gathered as a family to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. Family celebrations are always fun and we do have them as often as possible. I like to make an event out of every opportunity, Christmas, New Year, birthday and anniversaries.

I decided to make my Dad a very special cake and I started planning it at the beginning of December 2017. It took a bit of effort.

Firstly, I had to make sugar crystals. This sounded like such an easy thing to do when I looked it up on the internet [my memory from Grade 8 school day science lessons not being very accurate]. It wasn’t that easy. I had to try three times and nearly gave up but third time lucky.

Firstly, I took six wooden kebab stick’s and dipped them into water to half of their length. I then rolled the kebab sticks in sugar and put…

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