India ‘101’… Spirituality and the conflicted in timeless Varanasi, part one

A very beautifully written post… which will leave you awestruck and thoughtful on many, many levels…



I had hoped it would be as magical, as compelling as it had been that first time. During the two-month Indian leg of our backpacking trip in 1989, we had saved Varanasi for last. Positioned on the sacred Ganges River and considered to be one of India’s holiest sites, it was now the first destination of our ‘India 101′ trip with our sons and their girlfriends. It had been a difficult decision. Though we live in Southern India, should we venture north to travel this iconic route – Varanasi, Agra, and Dehli – or stay in the more gentle South. We decided on the former.

You want to get it right when your loved ones have traveled from afar, when you only have six days together ‘on the road.’ And I had been reluctant to revisit some of these treasured sites from our young traveller’s days. I wanted to…

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2 thoughts on “India ‘101’… Spirituality and the conflicted in timeless Varanasi, part one

  1. terryannewilson

    Thank you so much for sharing this Carol! As we know as writers, it can be difficult to know just how honest and how vulnerable we should be, or not be. Though I consider myself a seasoned traveler, this trip was certainly a powerful reminder of how far India still has to go, of how easy it is to feel out of your comfort zone, and of the reminder to try to make the world a better place… one small step at a time.

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    1. Carol Post author

      You are welcome Terry it really resonated with me and part of me would love to go just for the experience but the other part wonders how it would leave me feeling…But yes baby steps and not in my lifetime will we see a big difference but mans greed and need to control and exploit will never change it goes way back to the beginning…But we do what we can to help foster that change don’t we? and to raise awareness xxx

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