Garlic Salve

An interesting post on the properties of garlic which I love as much as I love my chillies…

Native Sojourner

IMG_3351[1]If you’re anything like me, you are well aware of garlic and all its perfection! The smell in the air can turn a room into excitement as fresh bread from the oven is sliced up and served with butter. Garlic is what I like to think of as the bacon of the herb world. Have you ever heard bacon makes everything better? Well garlic makes everything better in my opinion. Want green beans? throw some garlic in there and mix it up before baking. That bread going in the oven, throw some garlic in there. Making a stir fry for dinner? Add some garlic…OK, you get my point.

I used to live in California and there was a garlic farm our family would pass by a couple of times a month. You could smell it before you saw it. Not that garlic doesn’t have its moments….. such as bad breath…

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10 thoughts on “Garlic Salve

  1. Claire Saul (PainPalsBlog)

    I love garlic….but horror of horrors it is one of the things I have had to cut from my diet as my gut problems progress!! Along with onion!!! I wasn’t sure how I would manage cooking, but am slowly managing with lots of other tasty herbs & spices…but I do miss an onion bhaji with a curry and garlic bread……

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    1. Carol Post author

      Awwww poor you Claire that’s a bummer 🙂 There is an Indian culture which doesn’t use onions and garlic and they have some wonderful recipes if you love Indian food ….



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