Indeed! Why do I love Thailand!

Oh, lots of reasons and I could come up with a myriad of them…the food now that’s a surprise, isn’t it?

Beautiful Picture of Steamed Fish 25 rest I think


The traditions…so many…..


The constant sunshine and warmth…now that is a big plus… Do I miss the snow???

I love all your pictures of snow…They are beautiful….but I remember the thawing and freezing, trying to drive or even walk in it…Many times I have ended up on my posterior…Yes, you can laugh…haha

But the kids love it!



Those blue fingers and freezing toes and as a kid those burnt legs from sitting so close to the open fire… But I also remember the toast done over the open fire with chestnuts in the ash pan…Nothing better than toast cooked that way…

No fires here unless its the BBQ or just cooking over an open fire as many do here… But and I have just had a thought I could do my toast over an open flame …Now that is a thought!


Anyway…Why do I love Thailand….. Is there more??? Of



6 thoughts on “Indeed! Why do I love Thailand!

  1. Doctor Jonathan

    So many people think they’ll find happiness in a new location. It’s so nice to see when someone is actually capable of enhancing their happiness with environmental (and cultural) changes. Well done, young lady! 🙂


    1. Carol Post author

      Krabi is one of my favourite places you can get to so many islands from Krabi as well can’t you? Did you visit the emerald pool while you were in Krabi ?

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    1. Carol Post author

      Yes Robbie they do certainly wear some really lavish costumes..This photo is from the Vegetarian Festival and the man is a Mah song they pierce themselves it is an amazing sight to see…

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