Healthy Eating…How to lose weight and eat the foods you love !


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Don’t the weeks just fly by? Welcome back to Carol’s boot camp…How is your new eating plan going??? It would lovely to hear from you in comments…

I am really watching what I eat this week as Easter is coming and I love a Hot Cross bun or two…Don’t you??

What is this I hear about the word Easter being taken of the Easter Egg boxes???  Well apparently it is old news and not quite TRUE..the word Easter is on the back of the box and not the front… I am guessing that it won’t be long before it disappears from the back of the box… Maybe I will take a bet on that…

What have I eaten today…Som Tam ( Papaya Salad)and sticky rice for my brunch…my early morning drink was Coconut Juice fresh and lovely.

Papaya Salad Som Tam

Tonight, as my little granddaughter has come to stay, is Thai Beef Salad …A treat as beef is hard to come by here and expensive. Now when you click on this link you will also see a recipe for Bread Pudding which is a luscious English dish… Moderation and enjoy if you make it! No guilt and moderation…

Nam Doc Nua

Thai Beef Salad

Doesn’t it look lovely and fresh? That is why I love Thai Food  …It is quick to make and when I was working I just froze my meat in portions and took it out of the freezer before I went to when I come home I just had to put on the rice and chop the salad ..flash fry the beef and slice thinly and mix it together and add the chillies etc…20 minutes tops and my dinner was ready…

I also owe all of you who were looking forward to some Tofu recipes this week an apology... I was hoping to get some tried and tested recipes that I could make but no… I won’t go into the why’s and wherefores but if anyone would like to do a guest post on Tofu with tried and tested recipes then please Pm or e-mail me… I am so sorry to have let you down…I myself don’t cook with tofu and haven’t ever wanted to but I know many of you do and I was hoping to be able to feature some on here this week and try some for myself but it didn’t happen I am afraid… So sorry 😦

What did you think of the protein drinks did you try them? Which one is your favourite so far?? Mine is the raspberry and beet one which is pictured below isn’t it a lovely colour so pretty  …There will be another one next week so stay tuned…

Raspberry Protein Shake

Next week I will have another protein drink for you… Also, some recipes using Mango as at the moment Mangoes are plentiful and in season here and I have many mangoes some I eat green and raw with a chilli dip and I also make my own Mango chutney for when I have an Indian Curry which I do maybe once every two weeks…I did tell you that this eating plan does not count anything we just apply MODERATION…

No foods are barred just the ones that I choose not to eat…What do you choose not to eat?? Come on…Be truthful…


We are all grown-ups and we know what we are eating and we know what is good and what isn’t and we know why we are overweight … Who are you cheating??? Not me! I won’t tell you not to eat it…I won’t tell you to stop … I won’t tell you anything except what I eat and what works for me and the rest is up to you…No one else… Just You!

Tell me …How is your eating plan going? Do these posts help? Are there any particular recipes you would like me to feature???

Until next week ..Enjoy what you eat…Just remember…No Excuses and moderation…xxxx

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23 thoughts on “Healthy Eating…How to lose weight and eat the foods you love !

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  2. Doctor Jonathan

    20 minutes is a magic number that makes people realize cooking isn’t necessarily time consuming. I have recently begun a new dietary program. I don’t believe the average person would find it appealing even though it is gaining serious attention. It is called the Ketogenic Program. It turns macros upside down when comparing it to conventional thinking. 60-70% of the calories come from fats. I have chosen to use nutrient dense dietary fats (predominantly) to satisfy this percentage rather than eating large quantities of oils or bacon. I will do my own blood panel in approximately 3 months to see how this plan is working to balance my nutritional needs.


  3. marianbeaman

    When my sister visited last week we took her to a Thai restaurant, but I’m sure it was an Americanized form of your native dishes. Your recipes look yummy, and I caught that you wee grand-daughter is coming to visit. That’s a treat in itself!

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    1. Carol Post author

      Yes it is she has told me she is staying for 10 weeks..This their long school holiday..It is a treat for us but more so for her as she lives in a Thai village and it is basic living so she gets a proper bed here no sleeping on floors( which ) is the Thai way.
      and cooking there is an open fire so a treat for both of us…I can spoil her and she can enjoy a little luxury to her..she hasn’t stopped smilling since she arrived. Yes Marian unfortunately most Thai restaurants are Americanized as are Indian and any others which is a shame but it happens here if you go to tourist places which is why I love it where I live tourists and Thai food cooked how it should be apologises you eat it as it comes which is amazing at times..Real Thai food which I have now been taught to cook and I have had compliments from Thais as I don’t use MSG and they can’t get over that or how good it tastes without..Thank you for your visit Marian 🙂 x


    1. Carol Post author

      It is and was my dinner last night Judy… It is not often we can get beef so enjoy it all the more although I do make it with pork..It is the first Thai dish I ate years ago and we still love it… A family favourite and thank you for your kind comment Judy 🙂 x

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  4. Loretta

    Now if I made bread pudding, it would be so hard for me to discipline myself. Any tips as to how you might? I guess I could freeze portions of it? Out of sight, out of mind probably for me, but if it were just sitting there in the refrigerator, I’d grab a spoon on the go 🙂

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    1. Carol Post author

      My taste buds have changed so much since living here…Thais don’t eat very many sweet things which I supose helps… It freezes well so that is an option or make a minature one? I could eat a box of chocolates all to myself at one point and now I can take one and be happy..more disiplined I suppose and you don’t get it here so if visitors bring me anything…I eke it out 1 a day… Maybe try having a jar of pickled jalapenos in the fridge and if you want sweet..have couple of them they will make those taste buds a little warm…lol…

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  5. thebookwormdrinketh

    The raspberry and beet smoothie is DELICIOUS!! I’m sad to say that I haven’t been very healthy lately though… I really need to take the time to plan things ahead of time, but when there are SO MANY things to plan ahead of time (work coaching plans, home housework plans, blog post planning, etc.) I always forget about the FOOD PLANNING!! That’s how I ended up with a t.v dinner and pizza buns for dinner last night… truly an epic fail on my part… Hopefully I’ll have a better update next week!

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    1. Carol Post author

      Ahhhh we all have blips so don’t beat yourself up…I used to portion everything when I worked meat and fish in one portion sizes which means even if I forgot to take it out in the morning then it didn’t take long to defrost…I froze sop, spag bol, chilli everything so even if I was busy it only took as long as the rice, potatoes or pasta to heat up..Once you get that organsed it is easy..Truly 🙂

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  6. Suzanne [globalhousesitterX2]

    My Vietnamese sister-in-law used to make us the best ever Beef Thai Salad, thanks for reminding me of a good memory 🙂 Yes, totally do not do diets! Good advice as usual Carol!

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