Retired No One Told Me! … A weekly update…Fruit shrubs,Mon Ton and Mulberry Crumble.

Weekly update 29 marchGood afternoon from warm but not so sunny Thailand and welcome to my weekly roundup which is quite smaller this week as I haven’t been quite so prolific with my writing… Lots of thoughts nothing put down just a bit of an alright week with my internet problems still hovering in the background so if you haven’t seen me then I should soon be back up and running …Full steam ahead  once more 🙂 x


The luscious Mango it is now well into its season and they are everywhere… Beautiful eaten green with a spicy Thai dip and wonderful made in Chutney or just a lovely smoothie 🙂 x

Mango tree in garden

Egyptian flatbread is an amazing way to use up cold Lamb not only do they look impressive especially if you have guests but the taste is spot on…Just finger licking good.

Egyptian lamb flat breads (2)

Then I did a post on something which many of the men suffer from here GOUT and most do not watch their diets apart from one who learnt the hard way that keep having injections does not always do your health any good and the danger here is that you can walk into any clinic ask for the injection and away you go …I just wish more people would realise that with a few tweaks to your diet many ailments can be avoided …The plus side less medication and maybe when you really need the doctor his queue is smaller.

Carol’s  Boot camp enter at your own risk…sensible adults only allowed… No Diets… Just Healthy eating and lifestyle …Moderation… I don’t want to know what you weigh… I don’t want to hear excuses…No excuses here…You cheat..You cheat your health..Your well being.. I give you ideas and recipes of good healthy food… No powders, No pills and how to make your own Protein Drinks…


Who do you cheat??? Yourself!

Vinegar was the theme of my Cookery Column this week and what a versatile ingredient it is and it can lift that dish to new heights and so many varieties and if you don’t know what a SHRUB is then all has been revealed… So pop on over…If I am not around then the lovely Sally will make you very welcome…

cropped-for-web Sally Cronin

Lastly, we have Ton Mon which are Thai Mulberry’s not only are mulberries very nice with some apples in a crumble and my very first attempt at deconstruction ( don’t ) tell my mum I have ditched her crumble recipe…Fruit crumble

I will fess up and tell you…I burnt the first one …set the timer and went to write…Before the timer even went off I could smell it…That burning smell…

But take two:- It was perfick all I got was a teaspoon full the rest was quickly taken away as soon as my camera had clicked and devoured by the Mr Anyone would think I never make puds…Well, I am a bit mean I am really not a pudding making cook…I don’t make many but when I do it is appreciated… He loved it!

Mulberries are also one of the favourites of the silkworm who produce the silk for the famous Thai Silk…Read about it here

That’s all for this weeks roundup I do hope you have enjoyed it and I am looking forward to your comments and if you also hit the share buttons I would love that…Thanks, Carol xxxx

Thank you for reading, Enjoy your weekend xxx




3 thoughts on “Retired No One Told Me! … A weekly update…Fruit shrubs,Mon Ton and Mulberry Crumble.

  1. paulandruss

    Brilliant Carol- I love your lively writing style. I have never had a mulberry and to be frank would not know where to get one (I will have to follow some silkworms) but when I do your crumble will be on the top of my list! And I am in luck because I can’t bake nowt else but I am a crumble maker par excellence! Pxx
    Ps those mangoes look delish!

    Liked by 1 person


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