Healthy Eating… Eating out if you are on a Gluten Free diet.

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Healthy Eating

It can be really tricky if you are on a restricted diet and you want to eat out so I have put together a few hints and tips on how to make life a little easier for you and what to look out for.

Many places now have foods on their menus for many diets…So always ask …

Bread...Bread is made from so many different flours now that many loaves of bread are gluten-free and most places are happy to tell you this…

But it is what goes with the bread…You pop out and stop at a lovely pub for a pub lunch… A ploughman’s lunch maybe??? A plate of bread and cheese with some pickles and maybe a few french fries…

Pickles…If the pickles are made with MALT VINEGAR which is made from Barley and the vinegar is not distilled then it is not gluten-free.

French Fries…Unless the fat is used to only cook the french fries then they may not be gluten-free…i.e if chicken nuggets, breaded fish was cooked in the same fat the bread crumbs on the food may not be gluten-free… Likewise, if malt vinegar is used on the fries that as stated above they are not gluten-free.

Hot dogs or other sausages…Many sausage recipes contain breadcrumbs or rusks which are made from unleavened wheat flour so unless it states gluten-free then they are not.

Foods which come with a sauce…Many sauces and gravies are thickened with wheat flour this includes ready meals.

Cheesecake…Now, who hasn’t been tempted by those lovely slices of cheesecake in the chilled cabinet?? Always ask wheat flour may have been used in the filling and the same applies to cheesecakes you are buying in stores…Check the labels.


Soup…You see a sign saying fresh homemade soup always check and ask what the soup has been thickened with…It may have been thickened with wheat flour or contain noodles…If you are buying packets or cans of soup then check the labels.

Tortilla chips…Your soup comes with some tortillas if they are called multi-grain then beware. Also, most manufacturers make more than one flavour of chips so best to avoid them.

Enjoying your meal and fancy a beer? Oh No!


Now don’t panic you can get GF beers and many places now have a good stock of craft beers…Phew!

Although not exhaustive I hope this little list makes eating out a little easier if you are on a Gluten Free diet.

Thank you for reading this I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful if you did please feel free to share…Sharing is caring…Thank you xxx

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