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Marvellous mustard it elevates our food to something more doesn’t it? and has so many other uses and benefits ….I hope you enjoy!

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I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and if you went away then had a lovely break and have come back nice and refreshed.

Mustard is one of my favourite condiments and it has many uses… Mustard seeds have been found to have been mentioned in the ancient Sanskrit writings which go back 5,000years. They have been mentioned at least 5 times in the Bible and in the New Testament, The Kingdom of Heaven is compared to a grain of mustard seed.

There are about 40 varieties of Mustard seed but generally, they are divided into 3 principal categories of black, white and brown.

Black is the most pungent and is found growing in the Middle East.

White mustard seeds are actually yellow in colour and come from the Mediterranean region, the mildest in flavour and American yellow mustard is made from these.
Brown mustard seeds are actually dark…

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4 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Carol Taylor’s Food and Cookery Column – Mustard

  1. Doctor Jonathan

    I use mustard on turkey breast with sauerkraut. It also acts as an added sodium source often needed on a Ketogenic Nutrition Plan.
    I always appreciate you listing all the health benefits and nutrients. I learn quite a bit from your posts including much of the historical backgrounds.

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