Retired No One Told Me! weekly roundup…Coconuts, Mustard seeds and Walking

CAROL'S weekly update 12 April

Kicking off first for my weekly roundup is that wonderful fruit which is the Coconut…My drink of the day is a lovely fresh glass of coconut juice a truly healthy but very nice drink, healthy doesn’t have to mean that you hold your nose and down it in one while gagging it means something you love which is at the same time be enjoyed as all good food and drinks should be… Welcome to Fruity Fridays…

Fruity Fridays The Coconut


It was then over to Sally who expressed her pleasure and delight for all of those nominated for an award. For some, it was not the first time for others like me it was the first time but we all felt honoured to have been nominated and we are all winners…Good luck one and all 🙂 x

Healthy eating out! Not so easy if you have to avoid certain food groups…Many restaurants now do state on their menus what or whom certain foods are suitable for… Do they go far enough? Not yet but many are making great strides but as always forearmed is forewarned and it is always better to know for yourself what to look for and what questions to ask. Although my list is not exhaustive I hope it goes someway to helping when you eat out and have to follow a Gluten Free diet. Cheers!

Craft beers- barley free

No to diets and yes to healthy eating… You know my thoughts on that one… Don’t You???


Start them young and set them up for a Healthy life…

Lastly, we have my weekly column over at Sally’s and this week the theme is Mustard… Now don’t tell anyone…shhhhh but my all time favourite is some lovely bread, toasted with some lovely crispy smoked bacon and lashings of mustard… And before you say it… So nice… Just going for a nice brisk walk!

Thank you for reading this I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful if you did please feel free to hit the share button…Sharing is caring…Thank you xxx



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