Healthy Eating…No more Diets…Snacks!

Snacks-crispy fried insects-peanut butter

Welcome to Carol’s Bootcamp….was last week fun it was topping 100 degrees here and it was Thai New Year aka Songkran which means lots of water and if you don’t want to get wet then stay home but it was so hot and the water was welcome and good fun…

Of course, all the food sellers were out and the bars and restaurants were handing out free snacks to entice you in and for a while, they were a safe haven from being soaked.

Our snacks were bowls of those delightful crispy insects you can see above…I can feel you cringing…haha…They are in fact very nice and it sort of got me thinking about snacks and how different the snacks were here to what they were when I lived in the UK.

Here we have the insects, lots of different sorts of dried fish, seaweed, fresh fruits of all sorts, sun-dried beef and pork, pork crackling, all sorts of sausage and balls but not so many things with carbs and sugar… always plenty of chilli …

Street Food in Thailand

Are you bored and craving sugar? Make sure your snacks have 6-10 gms of protein which will fill you up for longer and keep up your energy levels so if you an apple have some peanut butter with it…Maybe slice your apple and just have a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter and dip your apple slices in it.

I know many of you hail from all around the world so tell me what do you snack on? When you go out what are most of the food stalls selling as snacks???

I would love to know so please tell me in comments it could be interesting.


I was pleasantly surprised to hear from many of you who like me, love, to walk and who walk with others and older people who I suggested it was lovely to hear that some of you walked with elderly neighbours and your children and how well you all got on…It was so nice to hear how the different generations enjoyed walking and talking together.

Tofu ??? Did you visit Dolly? Do you love her tofu recipes...My shopping trip the other day was disappointing as they didn’t have tofu but I am sure I will find some as tofu is eaten by many people here. I am looking forward to trying one of Dolly’s recipes as I haven’t eaten tofu or cooked with it before but she assures me I will like it as long as I make sure that the tofu is dry.

I love trying new foods….do you?

Anyway, how is your new eating regime getting on …Are you finding it easy? Have you noticed a difference?

Snacks-crispy fried insects-peanut butter

Thank you for reading this I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful if you did please feel free to share……Thank you xxx

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