The Charade – Part 2

Part two of the Charade…Enjoy 🙂

S C Richmond

I have continued the short story, I still have no idea where it’s going but I will add to it from time to time and hopefully we might have a bit of storytelling going on. If you would like to add to it or give the next part some direction, please feel free. I just thought we could have some fun with it. So what happens next?

The Charade – Part 2

She returned to her room after the party and carefully took off her beautiful dress, her boss would want that back tomorrow, she gently hung it over a grubby chair in the corner of the room then threw herself on to the bed, she was smiling to herself, in her hand she still held the elegant calling card of Mr Carl Ward. A real gentleman had been interested enough in her to personally hand this to her. Her…

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