Matcha Green Tea…

Matcha Green Tea

I have never really been a fan of green tea…I have drunk it over the years on and off and always steered away from anything which had green tea in it…

Well, that has changed some since living here because if it doesn’t have coconut in it… It has green tea or matcha…. All the TV cooking programs promote the benefits, it definitely seems to be the thing to drink, have for breakfast and put in your latte or ice-cream…

So…this girl tried firstly the latte as it looked sort of ok and I say that when green is actually my favourite colour… They do tend to put these little lumps of jelly in their drinks here and I just can’t…So this one was my preamble into “matcha “

Green Tea I waited until my daughter paid a visit who loves green tea and so we explored all the wonderful choices we have here she was in heaven and her case is bulging with so many different green teas and apparently all the time I have been making green tea I have been doing it wrong…

The water must be about 80 degrees and add the tea to the water and leave for about 1 minute and you will have a lovely cup of green tea with no bitterness …I have in the past made mine just like I brew back tea ..totally wrong… I can now enjoy and get the full lovely flavour of this delicious tea.

To learn about the health benefits and get some awesome recipes then all will be revealed if you click the link below.

I hope you all have a lovely day 🙂 and have enjoyed this post on Matcha Tea.

Want to see more from me???? I am a crazy English lady with a quirky sense of humour…Still, want to see more from me???

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Have a great weekend everyone I hope the weather is kind to you…Until next time xxx

7 thoughts on “Matcha Green Tea…

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    1. Carol Post author

      I will have to try that..I have just bought a new brand of Matcha so much choice here…Thank you for commenting enjoy your Matcha 🙂



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