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Penguin Island Shoal Bay Perth

Since retiring and settling in Thailand we are closer to my daughter in Perth, WA and of course other Asian countries  l will be sharing with you our travels around Asia alongside any hints and tips which we have picked up on our travels if you have any questions then I will try my best to answer them from my travel experiences.

My first post of call is the beautiful  Penguin Island it sits on Shoal Bay just 45 minutes from southern Perth and it is only a short 5-minute ferry ride out to Penguin Island.

It is home to approx 1000 pairs of the worlds smallest penguins in the world.

Aptly and most originally called Little Penguin.

The island and the marine park has over 50 species of birds and other wildlife which includes wild dolphins, Sea Lions, Stingrays and a resident Pelican colony.

Seagulls penguin island

Closed over the winter period to allow the Little penguins to nest it is open the rest of the year where the penguins spend most of the day feeding in the waters of the marine park. They are habitually very shy birds so if you catch a glimpse you are very lucky.

There are however a small colony of rescued Penguins kept in a dedicated enclosure on the island.

Known as ” The Discovery Centre” it was built in 1987 by the Department of Environment and Conservation.

Little Penguin.JPG

As well as being a sanctuary to care for injured wild penguins it is also home to about 10 resident penguins that have been badly injured, orphaned chicks or born in captivity and it is very unlikely that they would survive in the wild.

Designed to reflect the penguins natural sandy coastal scrub environment it includes a saltwater pond with viewing panels to watch the little penguins swim.

Penguin feedings are held three times daily hosted by one of the Wildlife rangers who are very knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions.

This is not a ZOO and everything is geared towards the animals here living in peace and in a natural environment so they can breed and feed quite happily.

NO food or drink can be purchased on the island… A picnic area is provided but has NO bins. Visitors are expected to take their rubbish away with them.

Designed as a preventive measure to stop being a food source for destructive animals such as the Black Rat.

The island can also be accessed by private boat, kayaking, swimming or walking across the Tidal Sandbar which is exposed at low tide. Although it is only 700 metres across from Perth the weather can change very quickly and there have been incidents of drownings, so if you walk please be aware of the weather conditions.

View showing tidal sand bar

If you do visit this lovely wildlife island and marine park please be respectful and careful where you tread and ENJOY!

It is a beautiful island. please respect that. The one thing I love about Australia is that they take every possible step to protect wildlife in their natural habitat… we are allowed to view that which is a privilege so please respect that and do not behave like an idiot.

Have a great weekend everyone I hope the weather is kind to you…Until next time xxx


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    Looks like a fabulous place but then again I love penguins so am slightly biased. Didn’t manage to visit there but did get to the Phillip Island Penguins in Victoria which were brilliant.

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