The Bloggers Bash 2018


Oh, how I wish I could have been there… Next year hopefully. I was there in spirit in between watching the Royal Wedding and it was glorious… A beautiful wedding … Ahhhhh I did shed a tear or three.

I was very honoured and surprised to be even nominated and many, many thanks to everyone who voted for me as I got second place in the Hidden Gems award…I would like to congratulate the worthy winner The Quiet Knitter on her 1st place…

I would also like to say well done to everyone else …The Winners, those who came 2nd and 3rd and not forgetting the other nominees…Everyone is a star and a winner placed or not …winning is a bonus …A lovely one but a bonus…

You all rock and have wonderful blogs.

I now have lots of new blogs to check out as many of the winners and placed blogs I didn’t know but why would I?

The blogosphere is huge and so many blogs…

From the comments I have seen the committee did a brilliant well done you all deserve a badge of honour for your hard work.


Thank you again to everyone who took time to vote me…I truly am beyond honoured xxx  Love you all xxx


15 thoughts on “The Bloggers Bash 2018

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    1. Carol Post author

      Thank you very much, Hugh…I am hoping to get over next year…Fingers crossed… I was very honoured and surprised and I have some new blogs to have a look at as many blogs I didn’t know but with the size of the blogosphere, it is no wonder… Thank you, Hugh and the committee for all your hard work everyone sounded like they had such fun. 🙂

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