Healthy Eating…No More Diets…Obesity around the world… The UK.

No more diets England

Welcome back to Carol’s Bootcamp…I can’t think why I called it that as this is not about being on a diet but Healthy Eating and I know some people like structure but at some point you will either get fed up with the restrictions of the said diet and then pile the pounds back on or spend the rest of your life eating foods which you don’t really enjoy but they are supposed to be good for you… Well, to hell with all that!

Life is for living…Food is for enjoying…

So what I have decided to do is some comparisons …It started with a headline about obesity …Country by country and percentages and then I got to thinking about the difference in lifestyles and options or just what we have always eaten..But then those stats began to make sense to me…

Today I am looking at the eating habits of the English who are at numero 33 with a percentage of 28.10%.

If you wish to check your countries ranking then please Click Here

I am sure now that you are all thinking that this is an easy one for me…Well, yes and no…I haven’t been back to the UK for a number of years but I have family and friends there and we do talk food…Surprise, Surprise…lol

Traditionally and very well-known is the Full English Breakfast  which consists of Bacon, Eggs, Sausage, Baked beans, mushrooms, fried bread and maybe even black pudding but as everyone is very busy working a breakfast such as this is now eaten just on weekends or holidays times and replaced by a fruit shake, tea and toast or grabbing a McDonald’s brekky to eat on the way to work during the week…Food on the go seems to be the norm for many people.

In the cold weather, of course, it is a lovely bowl of porridge …. which keeps you going for much longer and avoids the need to snack.

muesli-3186256_1920 porridge fruit

Snacking… the British love their snacks…Midmorning, midafternoon or suppertime so many meal times. The snack food industry has increased at an alarming rate but so have waistlines and diseases which could be avoidable if less snacking between meals was the norm and more exercise …


Fridays always used to be Fish but now that has been replaced by kebabs, pizza, Chinese, Indian so many takeaways and restaurants which serve food from around the world. Britain as are many western countries are a nation of snacking and takeaways…

Although the sales of white bread have dropped by 75% and brown bread and wholemeal sales are up 85%…Brits love a sandwich.


Britain’s eating habits have changed over recent years and they eat less fat and more fibre.., low-fat foods are being purchased by many instead and of course we know low-fat doesn’t mean low sugar.

Because of the working life of many Brits, many children didn’t learn how to cook which seems to be a major problem because that means unhealthy microwave meals and the like…

On the positive side in recent times many gyms and free exercise groups have sprung up and parks have regular fun runs so that is all positive …More people are walking or cycling to work which is obviously much better.

Cooking from scratch also seems to be on the increase with quite young children wanting to cook which I find refreshing…

Many more people grow their own foods either in their gardens or on allotments or communal allotments are springing up on rooftops and in towns and cities which are positive moves for health and well being.

I do believe there is so much more to be done and kids need to be educated regarding food … I admire the French and their eating habits they seem to have got much correct and they are one of the nations who don’t snack and enjoy meal times with family and have a good work-life balance.

I think there are many positives but too much emphasis on fast food and snacks although many chefs are working to get the message out there which is good …I think the UK has had and still has in many people’s eyes a bad reputation for food but we have some of the best chefs and young chefs whose restaurants stand a very respectable 7th in the World with their tally of Michelin stars this is some feat and shows that the interest in food and health is on the increase.



I just hope that happens sooner rather than later as we have lots of farmers markets which sell wonderful fresh produce it is just making it accessible to the many rather than the few… Making mealtimes family time and celebrate real food, not crap and snacks.

Up the tax on unhealthy food and lower it on healthy food… Would be a good start and make schools toe the line and serve good healthy food  I know many do but many don’t as Jamie Oliver pointed out not so long ago…Bring exercise back into schools every day…

Well, I feel I can have a little rant even though I don’t live there any more…

I do hope you are enjoying my travels around some of the world’s countries eating habits…

On another note, I have bought my first ever pack of tofu… although the reception from the menfolk in this house is not promising I am going to give it a try and I am also hoping Dolly will soon be enlightening you on the benefits of maybe replacing a meal or two with tofu…

Watch this space…

Talking about watching who watched the Royal wedding? Ahhhh I loved it…The bride was beautiful and the service so refreshing and she who shall be nameless scowled her way through it…Hubby looked handsome though as usual…Just saying…

I loved the dress and I do wish people would leave the girl alone her hair looked lovely and if a few strands escaped so what! There have been some nasty comments about that in the media and on some FB Groups and all from people whose pictures did them no favours at all… Why can’t people just be nice???…

I hope you have enjoyed this post if you have please hit the share buttons…xxx

I have also just received my badge for coming second in the Hidden Gem section of the Bloggers Bash Awards and would like to thank everyone who voted for me …Thank you very much… I would also like to say well done to all the other winners and nominees you are all stars… Congratulations …

hidden gem (2nd)

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3 thoughts on “Healthy Eating…No More Diets…Obesity around the world… The UK.

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  2. thebookwormdrinketh

    … Everyone needs a LITTLE crap and snacks though, right?? I am absolutely LOVING this segment you’re doing. It’s amazing to see the differences in food culture from country to country and where our country falls.
    Tofu is a tough one! My man wasn’t a big fan either. He’s come around now that he’s had it cooked up properly though. He always equated it with spongy and tasteless, but when marinated properly and grilled up or put in a stir fry you really would never know! Okay… You’ll know, but it’s not bad!! 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carol Post author

      I have yet to try Tofu…so wish me luck….Yes of course they do and I have a snack now and again I did while watching THE wedding..Just I think it has gone too far especially with all the nasties manufacturers are putting in the snacks and people exercise less or many do…But I am pleased you are liking the different food culture it is Oz next week…Chat soon 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person


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