20 thoughts on “Travel Australia…Kings Park and The Lucky Shag…

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  2. tidalscribe

    When we emigrated as ten pound pommies, King’s Park was one of our first outings. At the time there was one restaurant and the floral clock and the idea was to keep it mainly natural bush; if anyone got lost they had to send in the mounted police! But over the years they realised people also like nice lawns and fountains, a cool place to picnic and enjoy the views – my friends and I had romantic ideas that it would be a perfect spot for an outdoor wedding – that didn’t happen!

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    1. Carol Post author

      That was while ago I remember my parents talking about that but they never took the plunge …My daughter now lives there and I love it ..so beautiful..and yes it would be awesome for an outdoor wedding 🙂

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      1. tidalscribe

        1964 – It inspired my novel Quarter Acre Block. Three families from our road went, my uncle and his family followed us out. I came back on a working holiday that lasted forever! Now have family on three continents…

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