The Culinary Alphabet…The letter D

The culinary Alphabet DI am loving doing this monthly trawl of the culinary alphabet and I think it was a great idea of mine…I am finding out how much I really know and also how much I don’t know… There is always something to learn and I love that.

You can find me over at Esme’s once a  month and she now has a lovely new blog named Esme’s Salon…So please pop over have a look at my post and then if you like what you see give Esme some love and a follow, please xxx

Until next time, have fun, enjoy and laugh a lot and if you want to see more from me????

I am a crazy English lady with a quirky sense of humour…Still, want to see more from me???

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Until  next time xxx


9 thoughts on “The Culinary Alphabet…The letter D

  1. Teagan R. Geneviene

    Hi Carol. Your culinary alphabet is a fabulous idea. I didn’t sleep much (as usual)… and apparently I need a second (big) mug of coffee before I can think of a “D” food…. All my foggy brain is coming up with is dandelion wine! Hahaha! Hugs.

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      1. Carol Post author

        I love dumplings and yes dandelion wine and dandelion root tea…so much Teagan where to stop? The list is endless but it could be another post 🙂 xx

        Liked by 1 person

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