Khao Soi and my favourite restaurants in Udon Thani

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Khao Soi is a lovely rich coconut curry noodle soup… And is one of my all-time favourite Thai dishes.

Khao Soi originated from here in the North and holds almost iconic status..said to originate from the Chiang Mai area the name means ” cut rice” in Thai although it is thought the word originates from the Burmese word for noodles and is a corruption of the word Khao swe.

Khow Soi


My quest for Khao Soi began when I lived In Phuket myself and my friend Annie made a sort of pact to find the best Khao Soi… Only found in a handful of restaurants there we quickly found our favourite made by a woman who originated from Chiang Mai and only served in her restaurant on a Friday and Saturday lunchtime…

Since moving up to the  North of Thailand I have continued my quest to find the best Khao Soi…

This little restaurant was the first place we came across in my quest to find and sample this iconic coconut soup…

Khao Soi- Udon-

A slight difference in the look of the two but both tasted awesome the second beig more rustic.Made using not only chicken but pork or beef this Khao Soi did not disappoint…Not as creamy as my favourite coconut soup as coconut milk is not used as much in the curries here in the North of Thailand it is also made using chicken on the bone which makes a soup more tasty I think…in the South being more of a tourist destination the food is what I call a little more refined…westernised in fact.

khow soi sign udon

Taste wise this certainly did not disappoint and they didn’t hold back on the chilli…

It was certainly a hot, spicy bowl of delicious coconut curry soup. Topped with crispy fried noodles it now holds the top spot jointly with my favourite from the South of Thailand… Served with a side of Thai pickled cabbage ( Pak Dong) and chopped shallots, lime and a very hot spicy fried chilli paste which is only for the brave… the flavours have a party in your mouth.

The food here in the North of Thailand is definitely hotter and what I describe as real Thai food…Often the food here has no frills but is just good tasty food…I generally stick to roadside stalls or small Thai restaurants frequented by the locals as this is where the best Thai food can be found.

Beautiful Picture of Steamed Fish 25 rest I think

Another of my favourites ” The Spice House” Is located inside Central Festival a modern shopping centre with mostly large chains of fast food shops…This little gem is tucked away on the 3rd floor, frequented mainly by Thais it serves authentic very tasty Thai food…always very nicely presented and as the name infers ” spicy” in fact, it is Thai spicy and certainly packs a punch… The fish fried with ginger and garlic is a must to try as is their duck larb.

Nong Prajak lake Udon Thani is home to some great little food places.


BBQ Salt Fish

They mainly offering BBQ salted fish served with Som Tam and sticky rice with a generous plate of fresh herbs and vegetables. Situated on Tasa Road it is lovely sitting here overlooking the lake and watching the world go by…

The fish is always lovely, fresh and very tasty… There will also sometimes be BBQ chicken livers on skewers and banana wrapped parcels of either fish or sticky rice with red beans…

Early evening at the lake you will find aerobics classes held in the open air just join in or hop on one of the gym machines situated around the lake and pedal away whilst watching the world go by then you can treat yourself to a lovely Thai massage to ease those aching limbs again all situated around this lovely lake so you can enjoy the view and dream…

I find here in the North there are not very many places which sell western food unless you go to the shopping malls and the Thai food is cooked the local Thai way and that is that… But it is how I like it…Real Thai food not westernised …

One of my favourite restaurants is tucked away up a little Soi( side road) quite close to my home on Posri Road and which I discovered quite by chance I am so pleased that I did as the food that comes out of that little open kitchen is just favourite is fish with fresh peppercorn sauce..( which) he told me takes him 3 hours to make that amazing sauce…I could eat it every day and never tire of it…That sauce is to die for…In the mornings the chef has his pork drying out in the sunshine for his very tasty sun-dried pork but his braised pork called Khao Ka Moo is another of my all time favourites it just melts in your mouth and explodes with the taste of cloves and cinnamon…I am in foodies heaven when I go there…I am the only European person there and I am greeted with those lovely smiles and an even lovelier plate of food…

If you have ever eaten Khao Ka Moo and enjoyed it then here is the recipe which you can make in your own kitchen at home…Tried and tested by Moi x… The recipe for Khao Ka Moo

I hope you have enjoyed the posts this week as I have taken you to some of my favourite places in and around Udon Thani, Thailand.

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  1. Soumya

    It’s not only nature and the culture that draws me to Thailand though; it’s also the food. I love Thai food, it’s the flavours, the spices and the fragrances, it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular cuisine.

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      1. Carol Post author

        You can tell I was half asleep when making comments to the above and WP didn’t help…Yes we are very lucky, Brigid and maybe one day you will make a return visit 🙂 xx Have a lovely weekend 🙂


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