Retired No One Told Me!… Weekly Roundup…Secret Garden, Chicken Recipes and some Passion(fruit)


What a week… We have had some amazing storms and of course, I have a lovely internal waterfall…Leaky ceilings are a way of life here…Firstly I will be starting my roundup with my favourite restaurants and food…well of course…hehe

Khow Soi Khow Soi… an awesome Thai Yellow Curry with just a touch of chilli…well quite a lot not for the faint-hearted…

Then I bought a bit of Passion into your lives see I don’t just think about food…

Fruity Fridays Passionfruit

The Charade …The plot thickens and just as the girl is about to find out who she is…That dastardly Carl appears …


And you thought I was going to tell you what happened??? Nope! You need to read it…would love your comments and so would Steph who is also writing some of the chapters…Well, it started out as her little project and I have hi-jacked it! Snuck in a few chapters… It is good fun actually a bit like Chinese whispers…

Penang a diverse city with lots of surprises…


Street food…I love it and am so lucky to be able to just pop down the road and buy some…Lovely fresh from the drupe coconut water, spicy little rice balls( my treat) and of course my favourite Som Tam ( Papaya ) salad…I could live on that… I think if I had to choose my last meal that could be it!

Papaya Salad Som Tam

Obesity…Definitely on the increase and next week sees me comparing the top and the bottom of my chart… We would all have far more success if we chucked out the diets and ate healthily and applied moderation…Not a word most people like but we need to safeguard our health and that my friends is down to us…So…


Who do you cheat??? Yourself!

Chicken…How many us when we are asked what’s for dinner mum??? Are met with ” Not chicken”…It can be very boring and can also be very bad for you if it is deep fried…But come with me and see what I have cooked… beautiful chicken dishes…One pot… and delicious…

Lastly, I have a treat for you…One of my favourite places here in Thailand…The very first place we visited and where I fell in love…If you watch the video you will see why… it is magical, ethereal and just delightful so beautiful…

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