Healthy Eating…No More Diets…Obesity around the world… The US.

No more (6) US

Welcome back to Carol’s Bootcamp…I can’t think why I called it that as this is not about being on a diet but Healthy Eating and I know some people like structure but at some point you will either get fed up with the restrictions of the said diet and then pile the pounds back on or spend the rest of your life eating foods which you don’t really enjoy but they are supposed to be good for you… Well, to hell with all that!

Life is for living…Food is for enjoying…

What I have decided to do is some comparisons …It started with a headline about obesity. Country by country and percentages and then I got to thinking about the difference in lifestyles and options or just what we have always eaten..But then those stats began to make sense to me…

Today I am looking at the eating habits of the US who are at numero 19 with a percentage of 33.7%

Yes, I know… I said I was comparing the top and bottom of the table…I got ahead of myself…It is next weeks POST and then back to normal…Sorryeeee

I have family in the US and loved all my holidays I spent there albeit they were a few years ago now and I suspect much has changed…

I still remember the portions though and how a doggy bag was the norm…Something which was foreign to us Brits and I suspect still is to many people.


The breakfast buffets were my favourite but I still have vivid memories of how high some piled their plates and went back numerous times for a refill… How anyone could eat that amount of food is beyond me …A plate piled high actually turns me off eating…

pancake stack US

I have also REALISED from comments made in the media, by fellow bloggers who live in the US  about processed foods and I am shocked by how many chemicals and pesticides which are banned in other countries are still being allowed in the food chain…


I have just finished reading barring the charts and links  Food Forensics… A fascinating and scary insight into what goes into food in the US and the consequences to the health of Americans is horrendous… Chemicals which are banned in other countries.

So what do my American cousins eat for breakfast… Cooked tomatoes now as we always asked for ours to be cooked which was a great source of amusement but once tried by my cousins..they much prefer cooked tomatoes with their bacon…

Biscuits( scones), grits, crispy bacon, eggs, sausage, hash browns, cold tomatoes( hot) ham steaks, breakfast meats on the list is endless…cinnamon toast being my favourite…

Lunch and dinner… Meat and processed foods…hamburger-1281855_1280

One-third of the nation is obese and that figure is rising ..recent stats are scary…40% of the population are living with one or more chronic diseases most of which are preventable and 75% of healthcare costs are due to chronic diseases…

My question? why is this not being addressed more robustly …Answers on a postcard as we all know why!


Although exercise is on the increase the obesity rate is still growing and the number one cause of death is Heart Disease…

There is so much engineered hyperpalatable junk food and such aggressive marketing aimed at kids it is no wonder…

I dread to think when I look at The Cook Islands and why they hold the top spot on the obesity chart… what on earth do they eat… I probably could hazard a good guess…

What is the world coming to this little exercise of mine has opened my eyes even wider and I am appalled at the fact that due to greed on the part of governments and manufacturers despite rising national obesity rates and health costs THEY still do nothing …

The mind boggles as to how much their profits, backhanders or under the table dealings raise and swell their coffers that the people they are meant to serve and protect do not get their protection.

We all need to wake up and smell the coffee and HELP ourselves because no other bugger will!


Who do you cheat??? Yourself!

Thank you for reading and I do hope you are enjoying this little series if so please hit the share button.

I would apologise for my rant but I won’t … I care about my health I have but one body and I am appalled at how little most governments and manufacturers display absolute contempt for my health, my families and friends health…How many dear friends and family have suffered and or died because of all these chemicals in our diets …Yes, I know some things we cannot prevent …Most we can…

So no apologies for caring… I love you all xxx

9 thoughts on “Healthy Eating…No More Diets…Obesity around the world… The US.

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  2. Tandy | Lavender and Lime

    I cannot stomach the thought of processed food. Even when I was in the USA I maintained a healthy eating regime by doing the shopping and cooking from scratch. They seem to be a nation of fast food outlets, even encouraging Uni students to eat junk food.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carol Post author

      I know, Tandy and I don’t understand the mentality. I know there are lots of food outlets but surely with everything in the press about chemicals …You would think it would concern people and much is banned in other countries. To honest cooking from scratch does not take as much time as people seem to think does it and if you work to make a batch and freeze in portions so easy to do isn’t it? Thank you for joining the conversation…Love your lavender recipes by the way 🙂

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  4. D. Wallace Peach

    The food situation over here is horrendous, Carol, although there is a backlash as more and more people are growing their own vegetables and demanding organic products. Of course, chemical laden food and poor nutritional quality are money-makers. When I worked with financially compromised single moms, the food they could afford was made up of sugar, salt, and fat. Chemicals, particularly glyphosate herbicides used on GMO foods, have been linked to autism, and in the US, the statistics are skyrocketing. And Trump is easing standards on chemicals, so for the next 2 years, things are likely to get worse. *Sigh* I could rant about this for hours, but I’m preaching to the choir. Thanks for the informative post! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carol Post author

      I know, Diana and I didn’t start out ranting it just happened that Food Forensics book is scary and today I had a mail from one of the science sites I follow and the stats re ex-servicemen have just been released obesity is escalating amongst that group at least 1/3 are now obese and they are maybe people in the lower income bracket, depressed and on medication which is a prime indicator of an increase in obesity. I really despair at how compliant politicians and food producers/manufacturers are ..all greed and no care as to the health of the nation. I am ranting again, sorry it makes me mad …Thank you for your visit and comment I hope you have a lovely week 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person


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