Travel Thailand…Ton Thai Waterfall,Thalang, Phuket…

Retired No One Told Me! Ton Tai Waterfall

Thailand has many beautiful waterfalls and this one is not a big one by any standards but lovely and one of my favourites.

Ton Tai( Sai) Waterfall is on the north-eastern side of Phuket island… It is inland and fairly far some would say from the beaches of Phuket, although having lived in Phuket it is at most 15 minutes from the closest beach so not a major trip out if you are on holiday and your time is limited.

To access the waterfall from  Thalang Town’s junction headed to the fall it is a straight road about three kilometres in length through rural countryside and farmland which then progresses into the lush green jungle and it is very peaceful with a smattering of simple Thai homes…

Ton tai waterfall

It is not the largest of waterfalls but easily accessed and it is peaceful and quiet. We actually lived along this road and often just took a stroll up to the waterfall and indeed our terrapins are still living with the other terrapins in the waterfall pool as we released them back into the wild.

Ton tai waterfall the bottom pool

Ton Tai waterfall is on the western side os the Khao Phra National Park and there is a path from Tonsai to Bang Pae Waterfall where the gibbon rehabilitation centre is situated.

You can either take a guide and walk through to Bang Pae waterfall or you can negotiate the tail yourself. Personally, I think if you take the guide unless of course, you have good knowledge of the local flora and fauna you will learn more and the guides know where everything is growing and can give you the correct Thai names.

If you have an interest in tropical plants then the rare white backed palms ( kerriodoxa elegans) can be found here growing quite freely. The leaves are beautiful and huge and can be up to two metres across, big and circular shaped like a fan with a green upper surface and white underneath.

Tonsai is a haven for wildlife and birds and if you are lucky you may see the red-billed malkoha or red-backed sea eagle the Siberian blue and forest wagtail also migrate here every year…All I managed to snap was a lizard basking in the sun.

Ton tai waterfall lizard basking in the sun

There is also a small restaurant where you can get food which I haven’t eaten in so I can’t give a review we used to eat in a small restaurant on the right-hand side of the road coming away from the waterfall about halfway down the long road…It is a popular stop for tour minibuses and generally, I would steer clear of any restaurant who catered for tours. Not so with this one, the food is excellent, the place clean and the prices very reasonable.

Also if you are very adventurous and you are in the area…I am not I don’t do heights and zip wires…I keep my feet on terra firma…This cable Jungle adventure is so I am told awesome and I am in doubt that it is…

Just not for me but everyone who has been had so much fun…

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12 thoughts on “Travel Thailand…Ton Thai Waterfall,Thalang, Phuket…

  1. Soumya

    We did a roundtrip on that day because we were tired of laying on the beach.

    After Monkey Hill and Gibbon Rehabilitation Center (on the way up to the waterfall), we wanted to refresh under the waterfall.

    We didn’t expect much because it is the dry season.
    The way up to the waterfall is beautiful nature. You feel a little bit like in the jungle.
    It gets hot and even more humid!!!

    After 10min walk along a river, you reach the waterfall. Not very big and impressive but worth it!
    If you want to swim in it you have to climb over several large rocks and cross the river once. (shoes!)
    But the water is awesome and we had a blast!

    Beware of sharp stones in the water! Saw a girl cut her feet while we prepared for leaving!!

    A big plus was that we were only like 5 people at the waterfall the whole time.
    Not very crowded!!! ( we were there around 1pm!)

    Thanks for the remembering old memories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carol Post author

      I am pleased it revived some memories for you …were you at the Bang Pae waterfall if so you can walk to the Ton Tai or vice versa and not they are not huge waterfalls but lovely and peaceful 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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