Travel Thailand..Wat Srisoonthorn, Phuket.


side view of laying buddha

This lovely temple has a sleeping buddha which is so large it can be seen from the road. It is a quirky mix of both the old and the new…I love temples like this they have a bit of character and soul…It is also a temple where monks live …Wat Lipon was built in 1792. It was later named Wat Srisoonthorn by King Rama 1 many locals still call it by its original name. I still can’t believe that I used to pass that temple on almost a daily basis in the 5 years I lived in Phuket and didn’t visit it until I went back to Phuket for a few days.

Trees and plants nice pic

The temple is very pretty when you venture inside with lots of lovely plants among the statues. There is also a lovely ornamental bridge over a small water feature it is lovely, calm and peaceful a great place to just wander and meditate as many locals do.

view of pond

Why the sleeping position? This pose is considered very important for Buddhists as it represents the Lord Buddha in the stage of dreaming. The story has it that it happened after he stopped the six-year-long period of extreme self-mortification (in the hope of discovering the Truth about life). He had a dream that made him realize soon afterwards that he had indeed reached the stage of enlightenment and was ready to help other people.

Fierce god on guard

If you look around here, you will notice that there are quite a few non-Buddha images, including a giant and lions (all from Thai myths, not at all your average giant and lions).


They are believed to act as the temple’s guards.

quirly fun figures

Other interesting images are of phets (ghosts from a Thai myth).

qwirky figures

From the old Thai belief, a phet is a skinny creature as tall as a palm tree and has a mouth as small as a pin, therefore, it is perpetually hungry. Some Thais believe that if one does bad things like hitting your parents or cheating on your wife/husband, then the person will end up being a phet in the afterlife. It’s the main reason why many wats have this ghost image – to remind people to be kind to their family and wives etc.

There is also a small bell tower which is very old and you can go up and have a closer look.

The original Bell tower

The Tao Wessuwan god is the 4 faces god of wealth and safety.

Monks houses

The monk’s homes and a lovely peaceful calm place to live.

Location: About 5 km north of the Heroine’s Monument on Thepkasathri Road. Wat Srisoonthorn is on the left-hand side.

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