You Call It What!

Food terms which are different from around the world… I hope this helps you if you  “can’t see the wood for the trees ” (a British idiom) when you read my recipes…

Coriander  v Cilantro:

cilantro or coriander-1287301_1280

The Latin name is Coriandrum Sativum. Cilantro is the Spanish translation so I get that. We refer to the leaves and stalks as Coriander and the seeds as Coriander seeds.

 In the US it is Cilantro for the leaves and stalks and Coriander for the seeds.

The word Cilantro does not even exist in the Uk.

Aubergine v Egg Plant v Brinjal:

There are so many different varieties around the world I think everyone is familiar with the big purple one these are some which I use in my cooking here in Thailand …



Herbs v Erbs:

All I will say is we speak ” Queens English”

Courgette v Zucchini:


Zucchini is the American -English name and Courgette is the British-American pronunciation is a summer squash which can grow up to one metre in length.

Plain Flour v All-purpose Flour:

NOOOOOOO! …..   now I know why…

Ever since I have lived here in Thailand and I have tried all ways to make dumplings with my stews….”The penny has now dropped” I have been buying ” All purpose flour” because I thought it was ” All purpose”…But No!  It’s Plain fricking flour and that’s why my dumplings don’t rise….. It’s taken 5 years for this one …5 years …

Of putting it to chill in the fridge, using soda water, using different name it… I have tried it ….and it’s the flour!

Well…that’s better….rant over!

And the sun is shining… albeit watery

Rocket v Arugula:



Rump Steak v Sirloin  and Sirloin v Porterhouse:


Well, what can I say…who is right and who is wrong??? I don’t know and it is what it is depending on where we reside. I am just glad I don’t eat steak as who knows what I what I would get depending on where I was…..

Swiss Roll v Jelly Roll or even Roulade.

swiss rolls-510922_1280

A sponge cake or chiffon baked in a sheet pan and then rolled around a filling is called a roulade (for the French), a jelly roll (for the Americans), or a Swiss roll (for the English). Swiss Rolls are slightly different from jelly rolls or roulades; the sponge cake layer is thicker so it cannot be rolled as tightly. Now if that doesn’t confuse nothing will…

Swede v Rutabaga:

The word Rutabaga is an old Swedish dialectical word and swede from the Swedish Turnip so it is down to just being a preferred word in either country.

Caster Sugar v Berry sugar:


Caster sugar is super fine or bakers sugar …Berry sugar is another name they are one and the same.

Capsicum v Peppers or it could even be called Paprika…

The Brits call them red pepper, green pepper or chilli pepper. In the U.S. and Canada, the large capsicum form is known as a bell pepper but bell peppers are sweet. In India, New Zealand and down under( Australia) it is just called capsicum and in some places is called Paprika which can also refer to a powdered spice made from various capsicums. I think stop there…

I hope you enjoyed my little foray around the differences in our languages and I think it’s great and has caused many a debate but The flour …  I am off to bake…

That’s it I hope you have enjoyed your read if so please hit the share/reblog button or let me know in comments I love hearing from you.

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Enjoy your weekend xx

18 thoughts on “You Call It What!

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  2. Teagan R. Geneviene

    I had the same thought about flour when I was growing up, Carol. “All Purpose” — how can that mean plain? But I was promptly sent back to the shelves to pick up “self rising” flour.
    A delightful post. But now you have me Jonesing for dumplings… o_O 😉 Hugs!

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