Retired No One Told Me! Weekly Roundup…Pork Crackling, Red Bananas and Noodles…

Weekly Roundup 28th July

Welcome to Saturday’s weekly roundup there has been lots going on this week as well as the rain ( it is) low season but it is quite welcome as it cools it down a little I am getting quite good at sleeping with the steady drips from my leaky roof in my ears.( yes) still leaking and they came to mend it this week.. If anyone has any ideas of torturing me by water …Forget it!

So feet up, drink to the ready are you comfy? Let’s Go!

lady relaxing kindle-1867751_1280

Anyway enough of water and rain as I know many of you are praying for rain which I hope you are blessed with very soon… First off this beautiful looking protein drink.

Papaya and Custard Apple Protein Drink

My gift of produce this week was some lovely custard apples and I was pleasantly surprised at how good they tasted raw they were not as sweet as I thought they would be and very good for you…What did I make with some custard apple? A lovely protein drink with Papaya and Custard apple …No nasties and powdered proteins just lovely fresh fruit and protein…So easy and cost-effective when you know how…

Next, was a little tutorial for you on how to make perfect pork crackling every time… Now who doesn’t love a bot of Pork crackling?

How To Make Crispy Pork Crackling

Wednesday already and time for my cookery column over at Sally’s and this week it was oodles of noodles…Also, a little tutorial on how to make those glass noodle rolls easy when you know how…

Next an interview over at Debby’s with the lovely Sally who tirelessly helps all of us by promoting our books and blogs…I give you Sally Cronin.

Me again with my healthy eating and little rants about the foibles of my favourite manufacturers…sneaky they are…

Sally then kindly reblogged one of the posts from my archives, Travel Thailand and Heaven and Hell… This image is the tree of life women hanging like flowers.

Heaven and hell Nong Khai

Yesterday here in Thailand was the celebration of the biggest festival of the year Asanha Bucha day. A day when offerings are taken to the temple and often candles and lots of sermons and prayers.


Another unusual fruit the Red Banana which was given to us to try they are very nice slightly different to the normal banana for more info click the link.

Red Bananas (2)

That’s all for this week I hope you enjoyed the roundup…which was your favourite post ??? Let me know in comments I love hearing from you x

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Thank you  for reading and have a lovely weekend x


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