One Puppy or more?

Aston with Saangchai

Soi Dogs is a wonderful organisation and it is where we got our forever dog Saangchai so I thought for the next few Mondays I would reblog some older archived posts on Saangchai and Soi dogs…This post is all about how we chose him or he chose us and what precautions we had to do to make our garden escape proof before we passed the checks before they let you have a dog…..I hope you enjoy it 🙂 xxx

Retired? No one told me!

Wow…what a week!

Where to start…..Well rain and thunder in copious amounts, severe weather warnings for all of Phuket.

Lovely green grass though so that’s a bonus.The pool is overflowing but still as clear as a bell…….We also decided to get a puppy..with a little help from said grandson.

Tuesday( Monday we were just rained in)  Soi Dogs here we come…. They are a local organization who do a fabulous job in rescuing and rehoming doggies. Thailand has lots of street dogs so they run a spaying and vaccination project, they work tirelessly to help the dogs and also to stop the meat trade in dogs.

We did the tour and spent time in the puppy house…awwwww so many………I sat on the edge of one of their play slides and was joined by two of them, a lovely little black and tan puppy and one who was a tad older who just put…

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