Fruity Fridays…The Coconut…Is it a fruit, a nut or a seed? Is the fat poison?

Fruity Fridays…This week I have decided to reblog this post the reason is twofold 1. I have only just got my laptop back and working and 2…Did you see the headlines ??? Coconut oil is “pure poison,” says Harvard professor… Good fats come mainly from vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fish. Healthy fats are liquid at room temperature, not solid….. The plot thickens my coconut oil is liquid? I know coconuts are high in saturated fats but…MODERATION… My health has improved since I have incorporated coconut oil etc in my diet although depending on what I am making I may use olive oil or another healthy oil again it is about balance and moderation… Some research states that the saturated fat from the coconut may react differently to other saturated fats in our bodies…..Why? Because most of the saturated fats in coconut are medium chain fatty acids whose properties and metabolism are different from those of animal origin. Medium chain fatty acids do not undergo degradation and re-esterification processes and are directly used in the body to produce energy. They are not as ‘bad for health’ as other saturated fats. What are your thoughts ????

Retired? No one told me!

Fruity Fridays The Coconut

The Coconut …Is it a fruit?  Welcome to Fruity Fridays where I show case a different fruit each week.


I am sometimes flummoxed by what is a fruit, a nut or a seed or indeed a tree …Take the Papaya tree which grows in abundance here and also I will add grows very quickly …It has fruit with the same name as the tree but it is a PLANT …It has no branches and a soft stem with all the very large leaves at the top and can grow up to 10 metres high.  It is, in fact, a herbaceous plant as the stem bears little wood and stays green and soft until it dies. But ask anyone here and they will call it a Papaya tree…

Which brings me back to the Coconut …Well, it has a hard outer shell-like a nut, doesn’t it?

Don’t you think my Coconut tree looks…

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8 thoughts on “Fruity Fridays…The Coconut…Is it a fruit, a nut or a seed? Is the fat poison?

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  2. Saguren

    Thanks for adding balance to the craze and approaching this from an unbiased, pro-and-cons angle. I believe that variety is always key. Too much of anything is bad for you. I think that mixing in coconut oil as a break from other oils is great, but too much of it could do a little damage.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Absolutely variety and moderation we need a healthy balanced diet and nothing says that you can’t eat something just be aware of what you are eating and apply moderation…Thank you for dropping by 🙂


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    1. Carol Post author

      Not a problem Scott I hope the interviews went well and I hope you enjoyed your catching up. I have been awol for 2 weeks laptop woes but fingers crossed all is now well so like you I have some catching up to do 🙂 x


  4. tidalscribe

    I shall take little notice, all things in moderation. But the coconut has always fascinated me, (though it seems there is a lot I didn’t know about it ) so exotic, but I always wondered what if you are stranded on a tropical island and you can’t get the coconut open to save your life!

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