Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Cookery Column with Carol Taylor – How to Cook the Perfect Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast…There are those who cook a great one and there are those whom just the thought strikes fear into their heart…Never fear…CarolCooks2 and a roast dinner…haha…Come with me and all will be revealed…

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

How to cook the perfect Sunday Roast.

Sunday Roast…They range from the best to the worst they also strike fear into the heart of many people…Some people thing it is the easiest meal in the world to cook and then find out it isn’t…


Meat…Depending on what meat you are cooking it could take anything from an hour to three plus hours…

Potatoes…Who doesn’t love a nice golden, crispy potato with a soft fluffy inside?

Vegetables… Most are cooked in a flash…

But they all have different cooking times and methods …Getting them all perfect and ready at the same time is no mean feat.

If Yorkshire (puddings) come into the equation then…That can throw a spanner in the works…They should be well risen and golden… Flat and stodgy doesn’t cut it!

We used to cook one of the best roast dinners in the area when we had our…

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7 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Cookery Column with Carol Taylor – How to Cook the Perfect Sunday Roast

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Haha I know just how you feel John…I found a couple of nice recipes this week and that was my thoughts exactly….Thank you for your continued support and praise of my recipes 🙂 x

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