Plastic…Part 5…Plastic releases Greenhouse Gases…

Just like Healthy Eating if we do not shop mindfully impacts on Food Waste…The manufacture of plastics and plastic, when exposed to the elements, releases methane and ethylene – two powerful greenhouse gases that can intensify climate change.

green foot prints eco system

It is little wonder that Sir David Attenborough was moved to give an update as the situation regarding Climate change is worsening by the day…

The first thing we need to do is to stop using single-use plastic, especially products made of LDPE (for example, grocery bags, 6-pack rings, sandwich and snack bags, strawberry containers, and plastic wrap).

We already know that greenhouse gases are released during the production of these materials, and now we have learned that greenhouse gases continue to be released while in use and as they degrade. We need to begin to phase them out entirely. In addition, we need better laws and policies to guide consumers to make better choices. If single-use plastics are banned, consumers will adapt and find alternative ways of bagging their groceries or filling a bottle, these being reusable items rather than items used for a few minutes and then discarded.

Many of us myself included take the easy option because it is there, easy and often free. Although now I realise the urgency I take my own bags and refuse all plastic bags/straws and cups…

Government Policies can help make a difference globally…

However, we have seen how man governments are either paying lip service or blatantly doing nothing…

People Power has spoken…Well and truly in the UK over the last week…I am immensely proud of each and every one of those protesters and it was a peaceful protest which caused much inconvenience as from Monday 15th April: Extinction Rebellion blocked Marble Arch, Oxford Circus, Waterloo Bridge and Parliament Square…The aim was to man these sites around the clock until the government acts on Climate Emergency…

The London actions are part of a wider rebellion taking place across the Uk and around the world…Extinction Rebellion has 331 groups in 49 different countries…

We saw…Actor and writer Dame Emma Thomson give a speech she flew all the way from the Us to give this speech…

Actress and activist Dame Emma Thompson said: “Our Government has signed agreement after agreement and broken every single promise they made with staggering regularity. It is time to stand up and Save Our Home. 

“On April the 15th of this year, the international rebellion will begin, all over this country, [and at] four iconic [London] locations, creative non-violent direct action will start to take place. Come down, be with us. There will be talks, politics, music, arts. It’s gonna be a lot of fun, but be prepared to stay. Because now’s the time to save the planet, as we all know there is no planet B. Be there.”

Dr Rowan Williams…joined fellow worshipers and others as St Pauls Cathedral People of all faiths, everyday people, eminence church figures, celebrities are all concerned enough to take a public stance…

The traffic on all designated sites was peacefully blocked there was even a big bright pink boat…


There were people’s assemblies, art actions, stage performances, talks, workshops, food and family spaces. People brought plants, shrubs and picnics to share.

In fact, quite a festive atmosphere but with a serious message to the government…

For more news and information and how to get involved, please visit Extinction Rebellion’s new website at

This protest was very well planned and thought through to read all about click here

I have also been told by people who attended these protests that the police handled the situation very well and although arrests were made the police were respectful and everyone had nothing but praise…

It really has been a countrywide protest by the people supported by the clergy,  businessmen and celebrities and has spread around the world…The people are speaking and taking action…

In France, the protesters were met with aggression…Brave protesters in Paris have been sprayed with teargas directly in the face!

Children from around the world are responding to young Greta Thornburg and her calls for action…

My conclusion if the people are doing what they are doing as they are concerned about the future why are the governments of the world making empty promises and not acting quickly to prevent worldwide catastrophe…..It boils down to the same old same old …Profit and greed…

Thank you for reading this post and please if you are concerned about the future of our world and the effect of Climate change …Action is needed now….xx

About Carol Taylor:

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Some of my recipes may not be in line with traditional ingredients and methods of cooking but are recipes I know and have become to love and maybe if you dare to try you will too. You will always get more than just a recipe from me as I love to research and find out what other properties the ingredients I use contain to improve our health and wellbeing.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      So do I John… I really don’t get the apathy of the many but am heartened by how the awareness of the situation is growing and the people are making themselves heard.. So proud of them all

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