Plastic…Part 8…It can’t all be recycled…Or can it?

Obviously, all the plastic which is collected cannot be recycled…

Let’s have a look at what is being done with the plastic which can’t be recycled through the normal channels…A good example is PET(E)


French company Carbios has signed a letter of intent to install a demonstration plant for its enzymatic PET depolymerization technology. The French company signed the letter with vinyl producer KEM ONE. Construction is expected to start in mid-2019. Carbios’ “bio-recycling” technology can break down challenging polyester streams, including opaque containers and textiles, into their components, which can be used to make new plastic. Thus completing a circular economy…

PET(E) as we know is one of the most commonly used plastics for consumer products which include:- Water bottles, soda bottles and some food packaging.

It is intended for single use only….One time usage…as reusing increases the risk of leaching and bacterial growth. It may leach carcinogens and should NOT be reused.

Just the fact that it could leach carcinogens is enough to stop me using it…However, recycling PET(E) is also a problem a packaging producer has created a glass-lined PET bottle it claims is easier to recycle than composite materials, according to Beverage Daily. KHS has developed what it calls its FreshSafePET bottle, which uses an ultra-thin layer of glass on the inside of the PET bottle to provide a barrier layer to protect the drink. According to the article, the glass washes off in the PET recycling process.

I think this is a brilliant idea …

I have heard of Crowdfunding and come across companies who use it mainly it has been small companies with a prototype and it seems to work really well…

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and alternative finance.

Because of the recent closures of Asian export markets for waste plastic…Countries are having to come up with their own ideas to recycle or create a circular economy to dispose of their own waste plastic…I personally think it is a great idea and that countries, manufacturers and individuals should all be responsible for their own waste plastic…

Pyrolysis development: Which is a UK startup is seeking to raise another 1.3 million British pounds (more than $1.6 million U.S.) via crowdfunding to advance commercialization of its pyrolysis technology, according to Waste Management World. Recycling Technologies is developing the business for RT7000 machines, which convert scrap plastics into an oil called Plaxx that is used to make new plastic.

Sounds good to me…

“Our children will have to pay a much bigger price unless we change our behaviour now.”
Sir David Attenborough…

What can we do or where do we start? I know many of you already are by using bamboo or glass straws in your home, by taking your own cup for when you buy a drink on the go…Most places if you offer cup will fill it up…Their drinks are measured so it makes no odds to them…

To make it easier… Plastic Oceans UK has launched a new education site for primary and secondary schools.

For individuals who want to know more about the problem? Plastic Oceans UK recommends watching this video…To get inspired as an individual or to start a community project …


Help to change the world’s attitude to plastic…

It is certainly good to see how many businesses and individuals are now looking at their plastic footprint and how they can reduce it…

Many companies are looking at a circular economy for those of you who are not sure, have maybe heard of it but don’t really know what it is…Quite simply… A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design. This means that materials constantly flow around a ‘closed loop’ system, rather than being used once and then discarded. As a result, the value of materials, including plastics, is not lost by being thrown away.

Unilever is a huge company with many, many outlets and subsidiaries I wouldn’t even like to hazard a guess as to the overall size of it however they seem to be serious…About the issue of plastic…They are rethinking plastic packaging and their progress so far is quite impressive and their timescales given the enormity of the project are realistic.

But ladies and gentlemen who do their own weekly shop ...How can we shop without plastic…I didn’t say it was simple it requires some thought …But it is doable and will soon become a habit…

  1. We need a few reusable plastic-free shopping bags.
  2. Some reusable produce bags in different sizes…plastic free or if you’re handy you could make your own.
  3. Reusable food containers.

Are you ready to shop?

Firstly choose products which have no packaging or packaging which is easily recyclable. Fruit and veg are generally quite easy as it seems to be where the stores make their starting point…I know mine has they use banana leaves and these delightful containers made out of bamboo which they then tip the tomatoes into a paper bag at the till and reuse…

I think the deli, meat and fish are the hardest…We have our reusable containers and the stores really don’t mind us using them it is just us getting used to it …

Tins and glass jars just buy as you will that can be recycled or in the case of glass jars, I soak the labels off and use for my jams and pickling.

Dry goods like pasta come ready sealed although many stores are now selling many dry goods without packaging you just take your container along and buy the quantity you want or with pasta you can make your own if you don’t already do so and it really is so much nicer…

The bakery is quite simply a nice cloth bag will protect your loaf and containers are ideal if you are buying cakes…

The most difficult of all are those cleaning products…Soap is ok as it normally comes packaged quite prettily …We could look at making our own and there are many recipes for cleaners etc I will dig some out for you…My all purpose cleaner is great it comes in little brown paper packets and I just mix it with tap water it cleans everything even the oven..seriously I am the sceptic and have used many products which do not live up to the hype this does and did…Morris Clean is the name…and it can be purchased online but it is a brilliant cleaner…

By trying to avoid so much plastic packaging when we shop we will send a direct message to the supermarkets and also to the food manufacturers that we no longer want to buy our food in this way. There are also many zero packaging stores springing up around the world so check and see if you have one near you. As a consumer, we have to show by our actions what we expect as a customer and stores will soon realise if they want our custom, then they need to provide the consumer with a more environmentally friendly shopping experience to keep up with demand.

Photo credit: konarheim on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

That’s all for today I hope you have found this useful and good luck with your shopping xxx

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