Plastic…Part 10…A recycled Football Pitch…

Good morning…My head is swimming…When is a bag not a bag??? I am beginning to think I will never know…

coloured plastic bags blowing in the wind

A question and statement from Ellen Hawley set us both thinking ??? I am beginning to think that it is all in the production and that there are exceptions to a very broad ruling…I hope this link helps my only concern is that the statement.

“A bioplastic carrier bag also looks exactly like a traditional carrier bag. ” Means I will never truly know what I am using…

Produces the comment from me… Help! …and remember…

stressed is only desserts backwards

Photo credit: oatsy40 on / CC BY

The sheer volume of plastic waste is now coming to light and scientists have found 414 million pieces of plastic waste on Australia’s Cocos Islands which has made scientists reassess the amount of plastic pollution that may already be in the world.

Much of this was found below ground which gives scientists grounds to think the scale of plastic may be incorrect and be far more…

Now for the good news as there are many projects underway or already in practice to address this…ProAmPac has announced four new sustainable product groups…

Of course, it means that to start with we as consumers may need to do our research for companies whose packaging is compostable and recyclable with our yard waste or food and doesn’t need specialist recycling. But…we want to do our bit as well, don’t we?…

Shampoo…Of course, we can make our own using recycled containers and bottles but with our busy lives and resources, we don’t always have the time or the inclination…

Herbal Essences and TerraCycle create the brands first ever beach plastic bottle


Budweiser, an official sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup…and sponsor of so many sporting events…


Budweiser Creates Unique Football Pitch From Recycled Plastic Cups…How fantastic is that? It does seem that many of the sporting giants are getting behind the plastic problem and yes it will create more publicity for them but I don’t care if it lessens the amount of plastic in our oceans which killing the marine life then so be it…

Unilever North America…Accelerates their action on their plastic packaging target…

Another sporting giant…Adidas has unlocked a circular future with a running shoe made to be remade…

The old and new adidas trainers

Photo credit: r0bm867 on / CC BY-NC

I think a circular economy is a way forward and many companies are signing with Loop who are rethinking recycling. Producing great looking containers which they will refill.

Going on holiday? Many countries now are banning plastic at the point of entry…The Airport…It is also said that Africa is leading the world in plastic bag bans.

Countries, states, large cities and small towns all around the world have banned disposable plastic shopping bags to protect the environment. In Canada, the town of Leaf Rapids, Manitoba banned plastic bags in 2007. Other North American cities include San Francisco (also 2007), Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland and Mexico City. The states of Hawaii and North Carolina have banned plastic bags, and states in Australia and India have done the same. Countries that have banned disposable plastic bags include Italy, China, Bangladesh, many countries in Africa including Rwanda, Kenya, the Congo, and South Africa and the list is growing…all positive…

Just one more thing I have been reading quite a lot on the whales which are washing up dead on various beaches around the world and it seems that as whales hoover up as they go around they are ingesting microplastic which is either in the water or the fish they are eating so just to recap please think about what you are buying as regards Cosmetics as much of this ends up in the waterways and eventually the sea…

Thank you for reading and please if you liked this share to your friends we must get the word out that the march of the plastic must be stopped and soon xxx

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9 thoughts on “Plastic…Part 10…A recycled Football Pitch…

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  2. Sheryl

    I absolutely love the image which says “Remember ‘stressed’ is only desserts spelled backwards.” I’ve never previously heard that saying and I definitely need to remember it.

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      1. CarolCooks2 Post author

        Sounds like they had a plan, Peggy, as it is illegal to import, produce, use or sell plastic bags and plastic packaging except within specific industries like hospitals and pharmaceuticals. Good for them…

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