Waste and Recycling…The Wet Wipe…84% Plastic…Fact!

Good morning…Who uses wet wipes? Did you know that wet wipes contain plastic and that figure is as high as 84 %?

You might as well be wiping your bottom or face with a plastic bag…Fact!

wet wipe being stretched

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The reason the wet wipe stretches like that aimed at showing how strong it is …It contains Plastic…Did you know that? Did you also know that apart from stating on the packaging whether or not the wipes are flushable it does not state they contain plastic…I have also seen tests where wipes have been analysed and tested and many which state “flushable” are not…

The Uk government state it is part of their 25-year plan ..Pleeese…Can you image at the growth rate of plastic pollution caused by wet wipes in 25 years?

A UK environmental organization revealed over 5,000 wet wipes in a space as big as half of a tennis court near the River Thames. Tens of thousands of the wipes are sold every year in Britain. That is just in one small area of London…Times that by the whole of the world…I wouldn’t even want to know what that projection would be in 25 years time…Would you? This video is light-hearted…However, the message is not!

You can buy wet wipes for everything from babies bottoms, to clean your kitchen or bathroom, your car, your laptop the list is endless both in the UK and the USA it is a multi-billion pound industry …

My take on this is that manufacturers should be bearing 100% of the cost of any cleanups due to the wet wipes causing fatbergs or whatever else damage is being done to the environment…That would focus their minds quicker than anything to come up with a cost-effective completely flushable or compostable without special equipment wet wipe…Will that happen?… Highly doubtful…

If you can’t live without wet wipes then it really is easy to make your own…

The three main worries about wet wipes.

  1. Fatbergs…As we now know, the smelly grey boulders of congealed gunk clogging up the world’s sewers are in fact stuffed full of wet wipes.

    It’s a gross and smelly reminder that those seemingly innocuous moistened sheets don’t disappear or dissolve when we drop them down the toilet. Even if they’re labelled as flushable.

  2. The Plastic Riverbed…River-cleaning teams have found that the hundreds of thousands of wet wipes flushed down toilets in London have actually formed a new riverbed in the Thames. It is also much the same tale in other rivers around the world too.

    And that’s before they even reach the sea and cause untold havoc there.

  3. The ban that isn’t a ban…In 2018 the UK government reacted to the wet wipe problem.

    Wipes weren’t mentioned specifically in its 25-year environment plan, but a spokesperson for Defra (the environment department) came out and confirmed that its pledge to “eliminate all avoidable plastic waste” includes “single-use products like wet wipes.”

    But soon afterwards, the government stated: “We have not announced plans to ban wet wipes”. I call this backpeddling at a rate of knots…

    Instead, it said, “Our focus for wet wipes is to work with manufacturers and water companies to develop a product that does not contain plastic and can be safely flushed. We are also continuing to work with industry to make sure labelling on the packaging of these products is clear and people know how to dispose of them properly.”

I have read a lot of reports and watched podcasts on climate change and the one message that comes out of this for me is that none of these very clever scientists can agree on a timescale…I have heard anything from 5 years to 25 years… Governments make wishy-washy promises prompted by public outrage and then when they think …we have forgotten and don’t read or listen to anything important they furiously back peddle or just spout lies in the first place ..You choose what you believe…

I just get increasingly frustrated and angry..which probably raises my blood pressure and my son tells me very nicely that my thoughts and actions are admirable but do I really think it is going to make a difference in the big scheme of things. 

I have to hope it will…

What can we recycle…It is a bit of a minefield…

But how about instead of recycling when we don’t know how it is being disposed of or where it ends up…Maybe we can make something useful… Something for the kids or grandkids to get involved in…

Thank you so much for reading this post and if it made you think THEN please share and or comment on how you deal with plastic and recycling what do you think is the way forward xxx

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  3. Norah

    The issue with wet wipes and fatbergs is everywhere, Carol. There’s just been a ruling here finding that the manufacturers are honest in their advertising and not responsible for the problems caused. I couldn’t believe it. (I know I haven’t expressed that correctly, but I’m sure you know what I mean.) I think it’s a great idea to make your own wet wipes. I’m surprised they still hold together well. I guess they are still better binned than flushed as they wouldn’t break down as easily as toilet paper.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      The wet wipes you make should break down as they don’t contain plastic like store bought ones. I use muslin squares instead of wet wipes and they can be washed and reused. If I read that correct manufacturers are definitely not honest at all and if anyone is stating the opposite then I would say it is in their best interests to do so… Thank you for joining in and commenting, Norah 🙂 x

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I didn’t, Stevie until I watched a programme on plastic ..Hugh and Anita it was and no one from the industry would talk to them they just don’t care…So easy to make your own I hope everyone does and then they would be stuck with them wouldn’t that be a result?


  4. jenanita01

    Manufacturers really should get their acts together and stop using plastic for everything. There must be a better alternative.
    So grateful for the video on making your own wet wipes!

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