Latest News on Plastic, recycling and Climate Change…

This week I have brought you a mixture of good news as it really isn’t ALL doom and gloom…There are lots of great schemes, new ideas and enthusiasm around the world to make it a better place for us and the wildlife…

Bolivia is a landlocked South American country and they aim to be completely food independent in 2020…I think that is wonderful if they can achieve that by investing in small farmers…

Bolivia donkey hills and hamlets

Image by Loretta Rossiter from Pixabay

The Government of Bolivia has just invested $40 million to support small and medium farmers in food production. Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Agriculture, Marisol Solano, stated that over 20 food security projects are already underway across the country, with financial support so far being given to breeding livestock and fish farming, as well as increasing the production of crops like potatoes, tomatoes, wheat, vegetables, coffee, and cocoa.

Read this amazing story here…

The world largest ocean clean up has now become a reality…The floating boom system was deployed on Saturday from San Francisco Bay and will undergo several weeks of testing before being hauled into action. The system was designed by the nonprofit Ocean Cleanup, which was founded in 2013 by 18-year-old Dutch inventor Boyan Slat. Their mission is to develop “advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.”

We have all heard tales of how coral reefs are dying around the world …However, an accidental discovery could save coral reefs…Wow…


I have learnt a lot about recycling and what we as individuals can do to help save the planet…Snailofhappiness is a great little blog and this article about packaging called wool cool is great and a great example of circular recycling…basically a thick layer of wool in a recyclable plastic cover.


This story from another blogging friend is scary and I think we should be scared…Meth-Gators are on the loose...Now an alligator at any time I wouldn’t want to meet…Would you? But one pumped full of drugs is an even scarier prospect…All sorts of things/stuff however you wish to phrase are flushed away and we forget about it…I unless something triggers a thought have in the past flushed cotton buds, cotton wool balls, wet wipes I didn’t think…Many people flush their drugs whether it is prescription drugs that you don’t need or other drugs …It affects wildlife…A sobering thought!

Alligator reptile-3555792_640

When I lived in Phuket there was an occasion when one of my friends went to put out the rubbish to be confronted by an Alligator they do encroach on land at times and look at those teeth…You wouldn’t want a bite from that and it may not be your back yard as water travels a long way but it could be someones..a child…Because in some areas the sewers are full of them.

Lastly, this awesome project which the lovely Tori sent to me…Thank you, Tori..Please pop over and have look, Tori writes the most wonderful children’s books and has two adorable dogs as well as other fur babies…

Twenty young people are taking part in the biggest conservation project in the world to be led by youth, where they will be responsible for managing more than 300 acres in the Brecon Beacons to help restore wildlife habitats and develop sustainable farming and forestry. It is called The Penpont Project...A youth-led action for conservation project…

That’s all for today’s lots of great projects which fill me with hope for the future…Thank you for reading and if you have any great schemes in your neighbourhood please share and I will link back to you. xx


13 thoughts on “Latest News on Plastic, recycling and Climate Change…

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  2. Norah

    These are great stories, Carol, especially the coral and the woolcool packaging. I’m not so sure about the meth-gators.
    I particularly liked the words of the coral doctor when he said that we can use technology to improve the world. He’s a meliorist. Way to go!



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