Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Food Column – Carol Taylor – A – Z of Food ‘Q’ for Quince, Quail, Quenelles and Quesadillas

This week’s edition of the A-Z of food in the Culinary Alphabet is the letter Q…surprisingly one of the easier letters of the alphabet…Enjoy!

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The Culinary Alphabet, The letter Q.

I haven’t found the letter Q as difficult as some of the other letters although I am guessing I am heading towards the section of the Alphabet which at some point quite soon will get more difficult. I hope you enjoy this tour around the letter Q.


The quince looks similar to the pear and is bright golden when it is ripe although that creamy white flesh turns into a deep, dusky red color when it is cooked.

The quince is high in pectin which makes it perfect for preserves and jellies and that is what I remember my mum making with quinces a lovely jam. Raw it has a tart, astringent taste and the smell is likened to that of a tropical fruit it is also packed with Vitamin C.


Is a term used for crosses cut on food for food…

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